Mommies always want their cute babies to get the best baby formula because it is the basis for their healthy lifestyle. Not all mothers can breastfeed because of health reasons or life choices. Fortunately, many baby food companies create formulas that replace the mother’s milk. Holle, Kendamil, Lebenswert bio, or HiPP formula helps parents supply their babies with the required macro and microelements.

Alternatives to Breast Milk

In total, there are five alternatives to natural breastfeeding. Learn more about each one below.

Cow’s Milk Formula

Cows milk products are on our daily menus, including butter, cheese, and yogurts. No wonder leading baby food companies create baby formula from cow’s milk. Some companies produce hypoallergenic formulas, which have skim milk and low-allergen hydrolyzed milk protein for intolerant babies.

Coconut Milk

If parents are vegetarians or a child is lactose intolerant, coconut milk can become a perfect alternative. It contains a lot of lauric acids that improve digestion. Moreover, this product improves immune resistance to viruses, fungi, and bacteria. Unfortunately, it does not have all the required minerals and vitamins for the growing organism. So, it is usually used in homemade recipes with supplements.

Goat’s Milk

This product is regarded as the best ingredient for baby formula. For example, the HiPP formula can be made either of cow’s or goat milk formula. Other companies also develop two lines of baby food.

Goat’s milk is easy to digest because almost all organisms tolerate it without allergic reactions and gastrointestinal problems. Baby food companies add probiotics, prebiotics, vitamins, and minerals to make baby formula nourishing and nutritional.

Moreover, all packages have age markers and ingredients, so one can quickly learn them. The best formula is:

  • organic
  • without chemicals
  • without stabilizers and preservatives
  • with a pack of nutrients in the required proportions
  • without artificial flavors and sweeteners

Homemade Formula

This variant is the riskiest because a parent experiments trying to create a perfect baby formula. Powder milk must be organic. Moreover, homemade mixtures must contain enough nutrients to help children become healthy toddlers. The first food must not be gassy or lead to digestive problems. What’s more, everything must be sterile. We decided not to add recipes of homemade formulas because everything depends on a child’s needs and tolerance.

To conclude, a breastfeeding mom is the best source of nutrients for a baby, but many companies create great alternatives. Your pediatrician can tell you what your baby needs to thrive.