You will always want to make a big deal about your child’s birthday and make sure that they have the best possible time, but this has been challenging during COVID-19. Kids’ birthdays are usually filled with seeing friends and family and celebrating together, but of course, this has not been possible over the last year or so,and parents have had to get creative. While the situation is improving and restrictions are lifting, many are still cautious, so read on for a few tips for celebrating your child’s birthday during COVID-19 that will hopefully allow you to plan a fantastic day while still staying safe.

Plan A Garden Party


If you want to get some friends and/or family together to celebrate, you must always abide by the latest restrictions. A garden party will be best and allow everyone to feel much safer, plus if the weather permits,this will always be good fun and enjoyable for everyone. Be sure to provide plenty of hand sanitizer and be cautious when it comes to things like food and drink.

Zoom Party


Many people are sick of video calls, and it is easy to see why, but they still remain a great way to keep in touch with loved ones and allow you to speak to people no matter where they are. This is why you might find that a Zoom party, either with extended family or with your kid’s friends, is a good option, especially if you have a few fun games for everyone to play too. Here are some tips on hosting virtual parties for teens and tweens.

Find the Best Gifts


A present is one of the key parts of any child’s birthday, and you might want to make an extra effort this year as their birthday will not be the same as it usually is. You can find ideas for gifts for boys online that any boy will love receiving and ensure that they have a fantastic day. This year, a few of the more popular options include a PS5, guitar lessons, and model sets, just as a few ideas to get the ball rolling.

Plan A Day Out


A birthday is a good excuse to plan a day out, especially as both kids and adults have had to spend so much more time inside than normal during COVID-19. So, plan a fun day out that allows you to stay safe, such as a trip to the beach, and it is sure to make the day a little extra special and something that you can all enjoy together.

Game Day


If you do not want to risk hosting a party or going out anywhere, there are still plenty of ways to make the day special at home. For example, a game day filled with board games, treasure hunts, card games, and video games can be great fun, and you can also decorate the house and bake some treats to make it extra special.

Celebrating your child’s birthday during COVID-19 has been tough, but hopefully, this will give you a few ideas for a fun, special, and safe birthday.