As you get older, it can easily start to feel like certain things just aren’t for you. This isn’t just about being in your 80s and wanting to do things you just physically can’t, you can have anxieties about being too old for something at any age.

While there may be some things that are no longer age-appropriate for you, there are others that are completely acceptable, and even a good thing to do, at any age. Here are a few examples of things people think they may be too old for, but aren’t.

1. Travelling


Though people travel at any age, from holidaying with your family as a kid to cruising as an older married couple, there is a certain type of travelling that people often see as being exclusive to being in your 20s. This type of travel is the sort of long trips that many young people do, often with just a backpack. This is popular among a younger demographic as they often have fewer commitments and can travel for longer.

Having said that, though, this type of travelling can be done at any age, and being a certain age shouldn’t stop you. Just because you may see fewer of these travellers in their 30s and 40s, it doesn’t mean it’s not an option for you at all.

Travelling really broadens your horizons and this fact doesn’t just stop when you get to a certain age.

2. Learning Something New


The saying that every day is a school day couldn’t be truer, as learning new things is for absolutely anyone. When you think of education, you may think of kids in school or young people at university. This isn’t just the only time in life where you can learn something new though. Whether you choose to go back into the education system later in life or decide to get training in something that will help your career, learning something new is always an option for you. So whether it’s applying to university or taking a few oracle courses, there is so much out there for you.

3. Enjoying yourself


This isn’t to say that once you get older you stop enjoying yourself altogether. However, with the day-to-day demands of adult life, it can be easy to put having fun, and doing things you enjoy, to one side. Doing things that you find fun and breaking up the more mundane times that life can often throw at you is so important for your overall mental health though. You shouldn’t feel guilty about putting time into a hobby that you enjoy or having fun at the weekends, no matter how old you are. Though there are things that you have to do, like go to work, it doesn’t mean that you can’t fill your life with as much enjoyment as you believe any younger person may have.

Ageing is a privilege, but people often see it as a burden. You are never too old to do a lot of things and it’s important to remember this.