There is no way to sugar coat how difficult it can be to find fun activities when boredom strikes. Especially while stuck inside during these challenging times that we are facing as society. That means we need to find fun ways to keep ourselves busy now more than ever before. The good news is that there are plenty of ideas for different indoor activities just waiting for you try!

bored kids

1. Try Your Hand at Knitting

The next time you find yourself sitting at home with nothing to do, pick up knitting for a great way to relax while helping keep the mind sharp. No need to worry if creativity is holding you back because you can find all kinds of patterns online of different knitting projects to try.

2. Read a Book

For this activity there are 2-ways to go about it. Cure a case of boredom with a new book or by reading a book that you already love again. Reading a book is an easy way to use free time to learn something new or entertain the mind by sparking the imagination with stories of fiction and fantasy.

3. Unplug from All Devices

Trust me, you will survive! Living in the age of technology means eyes are glued to screens most hours of the day. Whether it’s a phone, computer or television screen, give your eyes a break and unplug for at least one hour a day. Instead, use that screen free time to take a walk around the block or make a meal plan for the week by looking at what you have in the kitchen.

4. Practice Deep Breathing

Take 10 minutes every morning to lay flat in a quiet place with your eyes closed. While you lay there still, slowly take a deep breath in and feel your stomach rise like a balloon. Then slowly breath out and repeat the process for at least 5-10 minutes. It may sound silly, but you will notice a much calmer mindset for the rest of the day.

5. Move Your Body

Get up and move because motion is lotion for the body! Try making circles forwards and backwards with your arms or walking up and down a staircase. Beat boredom by simply moving around to make your body feel nice and loose.

6. Write in a Journal

Believe it or not, journaling has tons of benefits to not only help with boredom but our overall well-being. A great activity to try next time you have nothing to do is to write about 3 things that your grateful for.This will have you focusing on the good things in your life and drop boredom from your day.

7. Clean Your Space

It might not be the most fun option, but hopefully you’re bored enough to do it! Take some time to tidy up your space or dive a bit deeper with cleaning hacks to really get your place back in order. One thing is certain, a clean space is the best way to have a clear mind.