Life can be fun, you can be surrounded by numerous people you can’t count, you can consider some friends, best friends, work colleagues and surely the most importantly is Family but happiness can’t be counted by the number of people you have in life but with the quality people you have in life,

Said Hussien.

The Guy we knew since he was a teenager as a blogger now turned out to be a well known Marketer and PR guy is differently living a new life, Hussien Assem had an accident almost 4 weeks ago it was on 40KM speed and near his house, the guy with a sense of style who believes that Gucci’s are not just nice it’s Gucci’s is now getting himself out of the league he thinks all the fancy life style is just irritating him and he doesn’t feel he wants to do it anymore same with driving, was is a very hard accident that did all that…?

As mentioned accident was on 40KM speed, Hussien can’t remember a lot of actions happened in the same period, yes sometime brains can stop if they want to forget some actions and people.

I have changed a lot,  I can’t be around the same old places, instead of Gouna and North Coast I took myself into something really different I never thought I would do, Fayoum a place that is more for relaxation and and simple life with my very best friend and brother, someone who always stands by my side no matter the consequences,

Said Hussien.

Why would a a simple accident can change your life?

I kept praying before that accident for month and month and wishing secretly that I don’t want Ramadan to end before am a more of a better person and aside from anything or anyone that causes me anxiety which happened already, at the beginning I was more of a nagging kid who doesn’t want to believe what happened but wish some prayers and believing in God I actually remembered what I kept wishing for so not all the actions happen on our lives can be calculated as worse it can be the best actually.


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Hussien also was excited about this article to advise more of the teenagers and young generation not to get lost with the wrong people, wrong lifestyle, wrong thinking but only to keep what really makes you happy give everyone the chance to know who really cares, what’s the lifestyle you want, what’s the career you want. You don’t have to be dressed in the latest Versace knit wear and Limited edition Gucci sneakers so you can be in, you don’t have to drive a fast car or drive at all if it doesn’t make you feel happy, you don’t have to be located in some places just because you are supposed to only be here no that’s wrong totally a very simple place can be the best just choose who can join or even if you’re alone try to enjoy yourself.

Nothing is obligatory, the push we get these days so we can maintain the lifestyle is not necessary, yet if it makes you happy do it and even if later on you changed your mind or some actions happened and you felt like a change is good and this is the new you don’t think it’s ever too late no one is old enough to change anything in life, just be wise!

So why there is picture of a famous fine dining/lounge first day of Eid on your Instagram profile?


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Note that I still go for designer labels, pretty good life, night life, Gouna and Sahel, Etc. It’s just the different way of thinking that a calm place like Fayoum made this the best trip I ever had before is just relaxing, the idea that you’re away from toxic people and keeping only the good ones, the concept that you’re working on the wrong decisions you have done before, this is all very different and unique, it’s just the way and situation that Can manage to either be happy here or miserable so am I mean is again choose wisely when, where and whom!

Did it just came all of a sudden or it was planned?

As mentioned it was never planned the accident was only a 2 secs and followed by some actions not related but the without the accident wouldn’t have figured out many wrong decisions and directions  revolving around and same with people, your mindset can be change in a sec literally but am glad am now having the best time in my life, I thought before anyone who keeps talking about these kind of conversations are more of showing off or it’s surely not true and never happens but turns out Jimmy Choo’s can still be your interest but not a priority and that’s cool enough though, another advise don’t feel ashamed as well of doing mistakes in your lives you wouldn’t have learned anything out of your mistakes if you never done them so be proud, be so proud of yourself, be proud of your wrong decisions, be proud of who used to be and who you becoming, be proud of every single moment and don’t be weak, you have the right to be weak for some time but don’t let the wave take you to long time depression you’re the only one who lose.

If I have the chance to write my own quote I would go more for:

Be positive, Be you and love yourself!