Every problem can be solved, every question answered, and every place can be replaced in the world of technology. There are no limits to what anyone can achieve. It is also well known that technology can harm our personality, including our physical appearances and well-being. A common problem calls for a new solution, which we have now.

Are you dealing with hair loss, or you want a hair tattoo to follow the latest trends? Here we are to give you complete advice about hair tattoos like what they are, how do they work, what are their pros and cons, and how long they stay.

I encourage you to explore the world of hair tattoos and learn more about how they are accepted.

What are head/hair tattoos?

In addition to cosmetic surgeries, cosmetic hair or scalp tattoos are also very popular today. Located on either side of the head above the ears and behind the neck, these tattoos are the highest tattoos on the human body. The hair seems to be short or looks like a man who has hair marks on his head.

Hair Loss covers up

Hair loss is the most significant and more common problem nowadays in both men and women. So the easiest way to get over them is hair tattoos. This type of tattoo will make you look like you have shaved your head off.

Scalp Micro pigmentation

Saying a hair tattoo, a spartan tattoo, is a little bit tricky things. This process involves more than an original tattoo.

The procedure of Hair tattoos has technical name Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP). This is a nonsurgical procedure, and it involves the insertion of pigments into the scalp through tiny needles.

Many small tiny dots are formed onto your head between the hair follicles, giving a shaved head look. The tattoo also contains a fine hairline to provide a natural look.

Scalp Micro Pigmentation

Treatments for (SMP)

The treatment for SMP involves takes about three sessions with a gap of one week. Each session has duration of about 3 to 4 hours. The hair tattoo usually lasts for more than five years with proper maintenance. After the time duration, you can go for a touch-up – similar to getting laser tattoo removal.

Micro-pigmentation causes mild discomfort for most men and women, though anesthetics can numb the scalp. Further, some areas of the scalp may feel more sensitive, but the slight pain will be easier to bear after a short time.

Pain during the Hair Tattoo

Pain during the tattoo is temporary and will go away when the red dots dry out on your scalp. It is possible to feel some discomfort when creating a tattoo utilizing SMP in the early stages. SMP is less painful than traditional tattoos.

Cost for Hair Tattoos

The cost for hair tattoos varies from the clinic you select for treatment and the area of your head you want to be tattooed. But a rough estimation for hair tattoos is approximately between 1 to 3 thousand dollars. In most cases, it’s not a great idea to go with a cheaper option, as if it goes bad, you might need to do a tattoo removal as the only way to get it fixed. While there are some great examples of tattoo removal progress, you would want to avoid this by finding a reliable tattoo artist instead.

Celebrities with Hair Tattoos

The hair tattoo is becoming a popular solution for hair loss among celebrities. The new looks are developed by going down SMP.

Here are those celebrities who have hair tattoos and going with a fantastic look
• Dr. Esho (Cosmetic Doctor)
• Ben Toft (Professional Rugby Player)
• Alex Beresford (GMB Weather)
• Jamie Foxx (Actor)
• SMP for Andros Townsend (Professional Footballer)
• Ricky Bell (Singer & Performer )
Hair Tattoos a need or a trend?

People are getting hair tattoos as a replacement for their bald heads. We can say that hair tattoos are more than a trend and a way to deal with hair loss. Everybody loves to appear attractive in their way, as it is inhuman to turn down a compliment. No matter how much it cost, beauty is the second thing that draws the attention of 100% population of this world.

Final Words

Experts and professionals always advise that if you are going for a hair tattoo, first consult with the reputed clinic. You can also have a small patch test to see if your scalp can bear it or not.

Finally, I will conclude that medical treatments are always artificial, always having pros or cons. You can never expect them to be 100% true and harmless, as natural things have no substitution.