Prayer helps build a strong connection with God and gives you a platform to have a frank conversation with Him. Like you, there are many out there with earnest petitions to place before the Good Lord. Sharing your prayer request in today’s socially distant environment by using an online mode keeps your spiritual side alive. Online platforms encourage you to use their facilities to put forth your petitions and get your prayers heard.

Digital Benefits

Conventionally, prayer is considered a very personal interaction with the Almighty. If you have even the slightest apprehension to submit your request online, here is why you should explore the digital route:

● Writing your prayers down is therapeutic
● It reminds you that persistence is key
● Generates a feeling of empathy for others crosses
● Develops in you a sense of immense gratitude for the blessings received

Sending Your Requests

Submitting your prayer requests online is an act of faith in the hope that your petitions will be given their due respect. Enlightening you here on the procedure you can adopt to make this a reality:

Select a Reliable Supportive Partner

When you scan online, you will come across a host of Christian platforms inviting you to send them your prayerful intentions. Opt for one with encouraging testimonials that point towards the concerned authorities fulfilling the assurances made at the outset.

send online prayer

Should you want to guard your privacy, make sure that your potential prayer partner offers you a choice. It should seek your consent to publish your prayer request, and if not granted, it needs to be kept private.

Access the Online Form

All the online platforms designed to receive prayer requests have a form to enter your essential details. Here is where you will be required to feed in your personal information besides your actual petition.

When personal data like full name and contact details are asked for, the site owner must put your mind at ease. They can do so by revealing the purpose of making such inquiries and establishing that such information will never be published or misused.

Specify Prayer Category

A list of prayer categories is provided online to help you accordingly slot your request. These categories range from prayers for children, relationships, jobs to healing, hope, and prosperity.

In case your prayer does not fit into any of the listed categories, you can select the ‘other’ option and proceed. Should you need help to write out your petitions, reputed prayer sites have an online library for your reference where varied intentions are enumerated.

Make Online Donation

The donation you make in exchange for your online requests being entertained goes towards keeping the prayer site operational. These generated funds also serve to maintain the holy shrines within which your prayers are placed and offered to the Lord.

Ensure the payment gateway is secure, and then proceed to enter your details to initiate the online transaction. It is also reassuring when the platform shares you with visual proof of how your petitions are treated at their end.

Place your faith in a reliable partner who has access to the holiest Christian site.