Keep Pushing Forward

There are many universal values that people live in their lives, they just live it and do it. They don’t do it and pretend it. They live it and inspire us with their eternal values.

The value I am talking about today is (Hope). How long can you stay positive and stand for the value of positivity for yourself and all those around you?


Does living your positivity depend on where you live, does it depend on which circumstances you live in like peace, war, or recession? Do your values revolve with time, or do you keep your values whatever the situation is?

If you live in a country that is in the middle of  turmoil, would you compromise your value of “Positivity”, “Strength” and “Hope”? When you know that you have definitely done your best sacrificing almost everything; your life, your time and your heart to “what you believe in”, and when the ultimate result is basically “Nothing”, would you still believe in yourself or quit?

Sometimes, when you reach that point of “maximum drawdown” which is basically going from “it is all happening perfectly” to “nothing is working at all”, you have to get back to the first building block of Life “Survival”.

Do you have the fighting spirit to survive, to get over your disease, your debts, your wounds, your pain, your fears and your frustrations with life?

Do you have the power to think of a better tomorrow? Can you see your life outside of the deep hole you are currently living in? Do you know that each one of us digs himself in his own hand- made hole, your sub-par life could possibly be another’s man heaven; your wife, your kids, your house, your car, your education, your values?


It is not as bad as it seems, Right? Definitely, you are not the unluckiest person in this world. What I would like you to do is to have some “gratitude” for yourself, and just make a promise that you will accept whatever you have now and keep moving forward. It is a very easy message, “Accept what you have and Move Forward”.

by Mohamed Hegazy