May is mental health month, and I wanted to share how I’ve been impacted by STRESS!

I got to hurdle through the stress getting back to my old music playlist and swimming. Shutting off from everyone was not very helpful but prioritizing my life goals and people helped me through the past period.

hope for the day May is mental health awareness month and it’s the perfect opportunity to break the silence in our communities to remind ourselves that “it’s ok not to be ok.”

hope for the day Popular Pays and Hope For The Day are working together on being proactive about talking about mental health and starting the conversation in our communities. We are in this together. Hope For The Day achieves proactive suicide prevention through outreach and mental health education.

Feel free to share your story if you feel like it in the comment section below or on our website.

#itsoknottobeok #havehope #hopefortheday