We came along a great post that we thought was too deep to share. It shows How Millennials are evolving and the older generation and the new one are judgemental.

Checkout the poem/post and tell us what you think!

The iphone you paid for
with your father’s credit card
don’t impress me.
the Reeboks your uncle
got you on your 20th birthday
don’t impress me.
Your stupid starbucks hashtag,
your Honda Civic,
your fucking zara gucci bling bling
don’t impress me.
tell me about the night
when you stayed back at work,
after everyone left,
working on that one project
that would get you that payraise.
Tell me about the dark circles
from not getting enough sleep,
the fatigue, your skull
splitting open from the core..
but you keep on pushing
coz you have to get
that new smartphone
for your mother’s birthday.
Tell me about working through
saturdays and the better part
of sundays, coz before you left home,
you promised your disapproving
brute of a father that it’s not
his damn money that you want,
if he wishes to buy your self respect.
tell me about your hunger, your ambitions,
your rebellious zeal to punch life in the face
every time you are brought down to your knees.
but most importantly, tell me about your struggle,
what you’re actually doing about it.
other than that, you’re just
another privileged brat
with hashtag hustle on
your bio without the slightest
fucking credibility
to even pay your own phone bill.


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