“Does he think about me as often as I think about him?”, you could question. While neither way is superior to the other, the disparities in thinking may be challenging for women who desire to learn how males think.

Men and Women: What’s the Difference?

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According to Armstrong, an expert on relationships, few women are aware of how men and women think differently, despite the fact that their wants are the same. “We are more dissimilar than we can comprehend!” The only way I’ve found that men and women have similar desires is through our basic desires. Us men want to be accepted just as we are, a yearning to be loved. And a yearning to love, to love completely, and to have one’s love accepted and treasured completely.”

What is the Stoic Man?

According to Armstrong, guys aren’t as walled off from their emotions as many women believe. “One prevalent issue is that women believe males are emotionally disconnected from them. Men’s feelings are located in a different part of their bodies than women’s. Women experience happiness as a vibration in the centre of their chest. When a man is joyful, his upper chest, shoulders, and neck are filled with vitality. If you keep an eye on him, you’ll see that he puffs up. He’ll appear to be bigger. If he’s in a state of euphoria and is overjoyed, it rushes out of his chest and into his arms and hands, where you’ll see high-fives or jumping up to strike a cross-beam. It’s much easier to Ask The Men about their inner feelings.


Women, on the other hand, are perplexed when I question, “Where do you feel happy?” “One important difference is that women base more decisions on love,” explains Armstrong. “They really pay more attention to women being happy than to themselves being happy!” “As a woman, I believe that if I love you and you love me, we should marry.” That’s all there is to it. The fact that a man loves a woman is only one of several considerations for him.

One of the most important factors he would evaluate is if she is compatible with the life he desires for himself, as well as his objectives. This is crucial because he does not expect her to give up her life in order to integrate into his.

Men pay close attention to what women say about their dreams and desires, and they wonder to themselves, “Could I provide it to her?” Is it okay if I give it to her?’ It’s conceivable that guys want us to achieve our goals but don’t want to be the one to help us do it.”

The Differential of Multi-Tasking

Women are better competent of multitasking than males, which is no surprise. “Women are multitaskers. They pay attention to a lot of things at once.” “We hardly never give anything our whole attention,” Armstrong adds.


“It’s only normal for a lady to do that.” Men, on the other hand, aren’t known for their multitasking abilities. They concentrate on a single outcome at a time. They commit to that one outcome and are completely focused on it, and they become quite irritated if they don’t have what they need to complete it. That might be difficult for a woman to comprehend.”

“What Men Desire”

“In a romantic relationship, men search for different things than they do in other relationships,” explains Armstrong. “They’re seeking for something they’re not, and femininity is the term for it.” It’s the characteristics they don’t see in themselves or in their peers. They’re searching for nurturing, someone who genuinely cares about them and pays attention to them in the way that women are especially designed to do.


The fact that a woman believes in them gives men a great deal of comfort. He must be able to achieve it if she believes he can. It makes them more courageous. A man is also on the lookout for a woman who would appreciate his sense of humour. Women are more serious than males. He’s hoping she’ll be overjoyed. It’s fun to get tickled. Allowing him to make her laugh.”

Loyalty is something that men yearn for

Men, according to Armstrong, desire a woman who will be there for them in good times and bad. “One of the phrases they frequently say is, “I’m seeking for a lady who will protect me.” When I tell ladies that, they ask, “What does it mean?” It’s a type of friendship loyalty that guys show to one other.

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When a guy commits to someone, he is purchasing the entire package. “That’s just the way he is”, he responds when someone criticises his friend. He embraces that friendship, business partner, wife, or girlfriend in all of her forms, whether she is or is not.

As individuals, Men

Stay Positive

While it’s true that men and women think in different ways, it’s also crucial not to group all males into one category. Every individual is unique, with his own set of thoughts and feelings. If you want to know what your male friend or lover is thinking about anything, just ask him!