In ancient times, when a man has a beard, it means that he’s wealthy and has a high social status. Men would shave off all their facial hair whenever they’re mourning their loss. But going back in the present century, men’s facial hair is now used as a fashion statement and not a symbol of social status.

Having facial hair isn’t as simple as growing it out and trimming it whenever you feel like it.Instead, there’s a particular beard style specifically for every man. Your facial hair has the power to change your face’s shape, so you have to be familiar with your own face shape for you to know which beard style best suits you.

If you’re new to the beard-game and have no idea which type of face shape you belong to, you can check this website first and see which category you belong to. Once you know your face shape, it’s time to grow your facial hair and trim it with the best beard style fit for you.

Here are the top facial hair tips for 2021 that you must know to be on top of your beard game.

Top Facial Hair Tips For 2021

The Stubble Beard Style

This style is ideal for men who are new to growing facial hair and would like to experiment things out first. This may not look like a full-on beard style, but a stubble beard style can still have a becoming effect and suits any face shape. Plus, it’s also very easy to maintain.

Make sure to keep it neat to avoid having the ‘lazy to shave’ impression. When it’s too short, it’ll look like you overslept on it, and when it’s too long, it will only look scruffy. Sometimes, people can tell if your beard is well-maintained or it was left growing there for granted, so always keep it on the positive side. This beard would best match with short-haired styles. To find out the best shavers for a stubble style, visit a site like My Price Guide.

The Goatee

The goatee is definitely not for everyone since it’s one of the trickiest beard styles to pull off. This style is best for men with long and round faces. If it suits you, it can make you look sophisticated. Otherwise, it can only muddle your pretty face.

Goatees can make you look edgier in style, especially if you’re also edgy in the way you dress. If you feel like you’re ready and suitable for this beard style, allow your facial hair to grow in length that you’re comfortable with. Then, in the trimming process, your jawline will serve as a guide as to where your goatee ends. The most recommended place is often beneath the jawbone.

If you don’t have a steady hand or you’re not confident with your precision, you can have a professional to trim it into a goatee.

Full Beard

All men have facial hair, but not everyone has the natural ability to grow a full beard. Out of all beard styles, this style is the hardest to maintain and take care of. Additionally, it’s complex yet it’s such a huge fashion statement, too.

If you have an oval face shape, this style can naturally work for you. If you belong to other face shapes, you may need to trim it creatively to make it work for you. If you have a narrow face with slim jaws, keep the beard sides slightly longer than the front hair to soften your look. If you have a round face, grow the front hair longer and keep the sides shorter to elongate your face.

Like how you maintain your head’s hair, a full-beard style needs to be brushed daily to avoid hair tangles, making it look messy and scraggly. You can also blow-dry your beard with a hair-dryer to make it bushier. Also, don’t forget to apply beard oil to keep it glossy and avoid making it look dry and flaky.

Corporate Beard

Are you looking for a beard style that not only suits your face but also suits your working environment? The corporate beard style may be for you. This style can add a serious-note to your face, making you look more professional and versatile.

This style can suit most face shapes but you may need to tailor the hair in the angles to emphasize your face’s best features. If you’re doubtful about how to pull this off, visit a professional barber and let them trim your beard for this style. Then, you can follow what they’ve instructed and maintain that shape at home.

Wrapping Up

These are just some of the top facial hair tips you need to hear for this year. These will not only help you look sophisticated and impress women, but this will surely impress your business mates, too.

If you’re ready to rock on one of these styles, it’s time to grow out your facial hair patiently and trim it in a way that best suits your face.