Every relationship experiences ups and downs. As such, you’ll want yours to have a solid and stable foundation to face these challenges. A lasting relationship is built on five key things: honesty, respect, commitment, fidelity, and most of all, love.

The problem is, not everyone understands just how important these things are. We’ll talk about each one briefly, but if you wish to further your understanding of these things to strengthen your relationship, don’t hesitate to visit Mend the Bond.

As much as you may believe that relationships are hard work, these five things will surely help make the process easier. As a result, you’ll be able to build a lasting and unbreakable union.


Many would argue that in any relationship, platonic or romantic, honesty is the holy grail. This virtue should be absolute when discussing and making decisions about plans, finances, jobs, and life in general.


You will never fully know what is going on in your partner’s mind. So, without establishing trust in each other, everything becomes fragile and unsteady. Regardless of its form, being dishonest will have a negative impact on a relationship. It’s important to acknowledge that dishonesty can involve both sentiments and ideas, as well as actions.

Conflict, uncertainty, insecurity, or, in severe cases, violence will always result from a lack of trust. When trust is compromised, the relationship will surely come to an end. That said, it’s important to be honest with your partner at all times.


Partners in a healthy relationship should be equals, implying that authority over the other shouldn’t exist. If there’s respect, disagreements become less impactful when it comes to decisions that are not approved by the other.


Respect also implies that, even though you do not always approve, you choose to trust and provide confidence in your partner’s judgment. This can be developed over time as your relationship grows and you get to know one another better.

How you treat each other reflects your level of respect not just to your partner but to the relationship. Even if you agree or disagree, you can appreciate and value each other’s thoughts and perspectives.

While it is essential to respect your partner, it is equally critical to respect yourself. Valuing oneself in a healthy manner is essential for developing confidence and sustaining relationships with others.

Overall, respect is not about dominating someone and controlling the other to do what you say. Instead, it’s about the freedom to be yourself and to be accepted for who you are.


Commitment may sound simple in words, yet it is one of the most challenging things to accomplish in a relationship. Most simplify it into either duty or dedication. Whichever definition you prefer, both are required in a meaningful relationship.

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Some mistake that it is about exchanging rings and living together. Despite being the social norms of displaying commitment, they shouldn’t be regarded as the litmus test for establishing this virtue in a relationship.

Being the person your partner needs at any given time is a significant indicator of a committed relationship. It sounds simple, but commitment can be challenging because your partner might not be as agreeable, candid, and attractive as you prefer all the time.

You’ll know that commitment is well-established is if you are more than willing to work it out despite your differences. If you’re struggling to show this virtue to your partner, constant communication is one of the most effective ways to establish it.


While some may include fidelity in the topic of honesty, and rightfully so, it would be better to discuss it separately. Fidelity, in general, reflects the value and trust that both parties invest in the relationship. You would be surprised that many have slightly different takes on its definition.


The most accepted view on fidelity is about being faithful to your partner by not flirting or engaging in sexual affairs with others. Some argue that even the idea of getting attracted to someone else, often referred to as micro-cheating, is a part of it.

Countless relationships end because of failure to maintain fidelity. Even if the person you encounter is desirable and the urge to cheat appears almost irresistible, remember that superficial sexual satisfaction is extremely brief.

It may seem fantastic and exciting, but know that it is based on nothing more than physical attraction and could fade quickly. A passionate and devoted relationship in which parties have put their emotions, time, and dedication is far more precious than a one-night stand.


Last but not least, love is essentially the most crucial factor in any romantic relationship. It provides health advantages, a tighter connection, an enhanced sex life, and relieves life’s everyday stress and concerns. Partners will struggle or fail to have a happy, healthy relationship unless love is at the center of everything.


It should not be due to riches, fame, or superficial qualities of the other. Those can go away at any time. Instead, love must be the ultimate binding tie between partners. In other words, saying the most famous three words in a relationship should be more than an expression.

It May Not Be Easy, But It’s Doable

Meaningful relationships are complicated, even for those who have many similar qualities. Despite this fact, establishing these five things in your relationship will result in you and your significant other happily spending a long time together. It won’t be something that will just happen; you have to make the conscious decision to choose each other for your relationship to last.