At one point, the elderly require assisted living, whether in the form of respite care or retirement home. In recent times, the stigma surrounding retirement homes and respite care has been waning.

Moreover, it can provide relief to primary caregivers and providers.

The elderly have access to health-related facilities and amenities, which makes retirement homes an attractive option. Assistive living communities offer the opportunity to participate in various activities, keeping the elderly occupied in something meaningful.

Also, the elderly have access to medical care. It provides a comfortable atmosphere for the elderly to spend time in.

In addition to this, assisted living offers a certain level of independence as opposed to being cared for 24/7. Not all elderly require constant assistance.

As we witness an increase in the elderly and retired population, there is an increasing need for assisted living. Here are the reasons why more Canadians than ever are choosing to live in retirement homes.

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1.Increase in the elderly population

According to this article, the rapid increase in the elderly population has led to a whopping 38% increase in the number of seniors living in nursing homes or other assisted living communities.

Back in 2016, the highest number of seniors was recorded by Statistics Canada.

Due to access to better healthcare, an increase in life expectancy is being observed. It has resulted in an increase in the population of the elderly.

2.Increase in living expenses

The cost of living has been steadily increasing in Canada, which makes renting an expensive option for the elderly. Moreover, the prices in the housing markets have skyrocketed, as a result forcing much of the senior population into assisted living and retirement homes.

These offer affordable living arrangements, which can help the elderly enjoy their life with relative ease, far from the inconvenience of owning a house. Things such as rent or mortgage can be a pain in the neck.

Also, regular repair and maintenance can add to the living cost for the elderly, which slowly chips away from the retirement fund. An assisted living arrangement can make things easier.

3.More elderly prefer retirement homes.

Another reason for the increase in the demand for assisted living can be attributed to elderly preference. The elderly can find a sense of community with people of their age.

Moreover, some often don’t want to depend on their children, who are now adults and supporting children of their own. It makes it difficult for households to provide a permanent care provider, especially with the responsibilities of their own.

Other reasons why senior citizens may prefer retirement homes are because of having no children, disputes with family members, and wanting a community of their own.

4.Chronic illnesses in old age

Health conditions are a primary factor that may force many seniors to seek assisted living and retirement homes. Some of the illnesses found in the elderly include heart diseases, high or low blood pressure, diabetes, and others. These illnesses require regular care of the elderly.

With a retirement home or other forms of respite care, the elderly can access health care facilities at affordable costs. In addition to this, mobility in the elderly is limited. It requires the building to have facilities that can help them move around.

A retirement home or assisted living facility has all the requisite amenities to help them.


Since the demand for assisted living and nursing homes is increasing, the market is struggling to keep up with the demands. This could be disastrous for the aging Canadian population, whose numbers increase day by day.

Hence, there is a need for the rapid development of retirement homes and assisted care living communities to support the elderly.