If you ask the pet parents, especially the new ones, about their thoughts on dog bathing, most of them will agree that they’d better skip it! There are stories of soapy escapees running all around the house, or the big eyes your doggy gives you while hiding under the table.

Like so many other pet owners, you may also be familiar with the difficulties of bathing your Poodle mixes, especially if they leave no stone unturned to stay away from the bathtub.

However, it’s the question of your dog’s health and hygiene. Further, keeping your four-legged friend clean doesn’t have to be a mess! So, here we are going to tell you five tips to make your dog bathing a breeze-

Have The Right Pet Cleaning And Grooming Supplies

Pet cleaning supplies will make your job a lot easier. You need dog shampoo, lots of towels, and a bathtub with a no-skid base. Use a supply bucket to keep all your pet supplies for quick access.

A bathtub gives your dog enough space to move around. The plastic hair trap allows the water to empty down the drain without fur going with it.

Besides, some pups have sensitive skin. Thus, make sure to buy natural shampoos and soaps that are free from any chemicals or dyes. Also, you need a comb or brush to check for fleas or remove excess hair. Use of Evening Primrose Oil will help in supporting your dog’s skin.

You can shop for these pet cleaning essentials from online stores like Pet Supplies Unlimited. Once you have all the supplies, be patient with your pup for the first few times. Rewarding him after the bath is also a great idea.

Try To Avoid Getting Water In Eyes Or Ears

Another tip to make the dog bath go smoothly is to keep the soapy water away from the dog’s eyes and ears. Better wash your dog’s face with a wet washcloth. However, if you must wash his head, tip his chin up, and use an extendable faucet.

Start pouring a small amount of water from the head towards the neck. There are many great articles on pet care on Fuzzy Rescue.

Rinse, Lather Up And Rinse

Fill the tub with 5-6 inches water, and ease your pooch into the bath. If you find them nervous, handle them as carefully as possible. Wet his coat, making sure to protect the eyes and face.

Use a small amount of shampoo or soap at a time. You can also use a gentle conditioner if desired. Rinse thoroughly, as leftover soap may cause skin irritation.

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Make Drying A Fun

Now the hard part is over! At this time, show your doggy some love via a vigorous toweling-off. Many of the dogs, especially puppies, get a little playful after a bath and like to run here and there.

Give them a few minutes and let their excitement out. Make sure not to blow-dry the pup; it will only make him dread the next time. However, you can use a mild blow-drying, if it’s cold.

It’s Time To Reward Your Pup

The best way to ensure that your doggy won’t fear the bath next time is to end it up on a positive note. If your pooch knows that there’s a special treat waiting for him after the bath, they will be on their best behavior.

You can reward them with a new pet accessory, toy, bone, or food. Choose from this selection of dog treats. Whether it’s bath time or anytime, your furry pal deserves all your love and the tastiest dog jerky around.

To Sum Up

With the tips mentioned above, you can make your pet bathing time seamlessly easier. Use a calm voice throughout the process, shower him with love, praises, and rubs to make them feel comfortable. This way, you can reinforce positive bathing behavior in them.