As the proud parent of a four-legged furry baby, you know that quality care is a top priority. An often-forgotten part of caring for them is choosing the right collar.

A dog collar needs to be safe and comfortable. Most owners keep their dog’s collar on at all times, so it should fit them well.

But, did you know that not every collar is the same? With seemingly endless aisles of options, finding the right dog collar might seem like a challenge.

To make it easier, here are some things to consider when choosing a collar for your dog. Keep reading to find out what you need to know.

What Size Does Your Dog Wear?

Before you look at any collars, it’s beneficial to know what size your dog will need. Most come labeled between extra-small and extra-large, but those sizes are based on measurements.

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Measure your dog’s neck with a tape measure. Wrap it around the neck and add two extra inches to get the right size. A good rule is that two fingers should fit between your dog’s neck and his collar.

What Style Appeals to You?

A quick look at any pet store will tell you that there are a handful of dog collar styles. Pick one that not only appeals to you but also will work for your needs.

One of the most popular kinds of dog collars is the traditional buckle. It’s perfect for everyday use and will carry your dog’s identification tags. A quick-release collar is similar, but the buckle is plastic and easy to clip and unclip.

A martingale collar is great for training and much safer than a chain collar, which should be avoided. This type will help your dog adjust to walks without letting them pull too far.

What Material Suits Your Dog?

Once you know what style to pick, you’ll also want to select your go-to material. Just like human accessories, there are different material options for dog collars.

Most collars are made out of colored or patterned nylon. Leather collars give a rugged appearance while being very durable. Faux leather isn’t as durable, but it provides a similar effect.

If your dog is a swimmer, a BioThane collar is best for you! BioThane is a type of waterproof polyester.

As mentioned before, chain collars should be avoided. They pose a choking threat and could cause harm to your dog’s neck.

Will It Suit Your Unique Needs?

The final thing to consider is whether you need a unique collar for your unique pup. For some owners, a standard collar for walks or tags isn’t enough. Special situations call for other types.

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If you face behavioral issues with your dog, a shock collar could help with training. For ones that love to wander, consider a GPS dog collar to track them.

Does your dog attract bugs while outdoors? A flea collar for dogs can pair with a regular one to combat the problem.

Choose a Safe and Comfortable Dog Collar

Now that you know how to find the right dog collar, you can start your search. You’ll be a much smarter shopper with these tips in mind. And, your beloved pup will be comfy, safe, and stylish.

Do you need more guides and information for caring for your companion? Check out the rest of our blog for all the resources you’ll need to be the best dog owner!