You’d love to have a massive dog like a Great Dane or a husky as a family pet—they’re loving and make great guard dogs too! But, are you worried about large dog grooming?

Due to the size and weight of large dog breeds, they do require extra care when washing, bathing, and brushing. However, once you know more about caring for your large dog, the process will seem less intimidating.

To find out more, keep reading to find our guide to safely managing dog bath time!

Keep Yourself and Your Dog Safe

When grooming and bathing a large dog breed, safety should always be priority number one. Large dogs are, of course, heavy, so always take caution when lifting up a dog—get a second person to help if you can.

Big dogs are also at risk of health problems, especially in their hips and legs. To protect your pet, make sure you provide it a sturdy area to sit or stand when grooming, taking special care in slippery baths or showers.

Get Creative

Your giant four-legged friend might not fit well in your small bathroom, so it never hurts to get creative with your grooming ideas!

A kiddie pool in the backyard can be a good alternative to the shower, for example. Or, if your pet is nervous about being groomed, ask one of the kids to pet them or offer treats as a distraction.

Dog’s Ears clean

Invest in the Right Equipment

As a dog parent, be sure you have all the tools you need ready and waiting before you get started. What you need will vary, depending on your dog’s breed and fur, but at minimum you’ll want dog shampoo, large towels, a brush, and scissors to do any necessary trims. For their paws you should also have a good moisturizing and healing balm at hand – here are some good choices.

Daily brushing will make grooming easier, as it keeps your pet’s fur healthy and reduces shedding around the house.

Examine Your Dog’s Fur and Skin

As you’re grooming, this is a great opportunity to examine your pet for anything strange, like cuts, a rash, or a skin irritation.

Look at your pet’s paws, nails, ears, and skin folds, checking that they’re in good health. Always talk to your vet about any concerns, but if you do need any medications for your dog, buying pet meds online is generally the cheapest option.

Large Dog Grooming Is Easy, Once You Know What You’re Doing!

While there are definitely some extra challenges associated with large dog grooming, the tips above should help you get started. Dogs, especially large dogs, don’t always enjoy grooming, so it helps to get them used to it while they’re still a puppy.

Whether you take them to a groomer or do it yourself, grooming is an essential part of pet ownership. Not only will it keep your pet looking their best, but it’s important for the health of their skin and fur.

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