Mood boards for clothing designs can be either physical or digital, it simply depends on your needs and skills. It is the board like a whiteboard or a window board, or a desktop app can work as a board for your creativity. Mood boards are used to paste all your ideas and creative output in front of you at the same time and as a first step. Anything that inspires you or looks attractive to you, you can paste on your mood board to consider, edit, disregard or integrate. The ideas can be in form of any type texts, colourful images, inspiring quotes or any related material. It’s an entirely free format as a starting point to be creative.

When you paste any things and thoughts on your mood board, you can look at them and can narrow down the things that related to your topic.

In the field of clothes and garment design, you can paste color ideas, material patches and even the styling materials like buttons, chains etc., but also reference or themes on it. Such creative designs and patterns can be found at Ninja Cosmico.

Make sure to know what you want before talking to clothing manufacturers.

The main things used in mood boards for clothing lines

Images: inspired products, photographs of multiple fashion aspects, brand images, etc.

Colours: any favourite or comparison pallete of colors, including

Words: any message, theme or quote that relates to the product etc.

Textures: any patterns that will be used in clothes or fabrics.

Explanation: depends on your need. It helps understand why you choose this image or font or fabric etc., might also be a prioritization

Mood board for a Tuscan Style Interior | Design Folly | Flickr

Use mood boards to establish a strong foundation

It can give motion and helps you develop basics for a good design result—this board help in establishing an initial creative design but also helps in competitor analysis. It’s the point of origin for any clothing design project, whether you’re are a newcomer or a fashion designer.

Helps in clearing your vision

When you start to think about developing a design, you will have many rough ideas or things that motivate you, but still, the variety will make you feel confused. The mood boards help the designer to clarify what actual product will look be like. It will highlight the details that help in understanding what will look good or bad. Build some structure to sort your inspirations that conclude to a clothing design and to give to a tech pack company.

Build a result

The mood boards will clarify the details and textures. It helps you decide on the best possible combinations of products that will give a result of a good picture. The mood board enables you to get a result without any cost and allows you to get feedback from colleagues, friends and potential customers.

Can get the input of clients

If you are using a mood board to show your ideas, then it will help you give a look that you can do feedback on digital mood boards online. It will help you get what your client needs. And mostly what they are expecting you to create. The best review will help you choose your way to design the best piece of clothing.

Save time and money

Being a designer, a mood board is beneficial for you because it helps to communicate with your client visually. It also minimizes a lot of misunderstandings which will save both your money and time. And the client can discuss directly.

Build a picture that speaks louder than words

You can easily describe to your design team through a mood board. Because through the picture, you can explain more rather than verbal or written instructions or guidelines.

Digital platforms for mood boards:


One of the popular online mood board apps, it has no account requirement. It supports drag and drops options.


While the other mood set board creation instruments recorded has qualities in style, visual computerization, and inside plan, this mood-set board layout is arranged solely for video and photograph content.


As you plan motivation sheets for your creation, Pinterest is a beautiful spot to discover motivation. Packed with mood-set board models for film, TV, and inside plan, Pinterest is a great spot to find a mood-set board model for pretty much anything.

The MatBoard

Including curated pictures from producers, business chiefs, and offices, it’s a great spot to discover a mood board model for your creation.

You can undoubtedly look through temperament sheets by the short film, business, photography, include, and so on.

Best use of mood boards for designers

The design state of the mood board stage begins with research. Go to exhibitions, galleries, texture fairs, and shops. Listen to music, watch films, see what’s in style in the city, see the engineering, plan objects, modern plan, and visit boutiques. Old photographs, embellishments, manages, fundamentally any visual reference. Be available to what strictly gets your advantage and what you get thoughts from. Google search words and see where that takes you.

Paint your mood board with all the materials and data or information you have gathered during research. Make sure to highlights the top priorities.

Arrange a team meeting with your fellows and take their advice into considerations. Modify mood boards to eliminate extra things and let the result be a good product idea to start your manufacturing.


Mood boards are the best and essential start for designing clothes, whether for jackets or coats to underwear manufacturing. It helps you get a rough sketch before achieving actual design. You can add images, stories, texts, fabrics or any other related products. Either you can use a digital mood board or a simple physical mood board, all depends on your preferences. You just have to feel comfortable with using it.