Soccer is undoubtedly one of the most popular sports in the world. Apart from the sheer talent on the field, one thing that grabs the spectator’s eyes is the sports jerseys. Soccer jerseys have become the identity of many soccer teams and clubs worldwide. No wonder millions of dollars go into research, designs, and production of soccer jerseys. What if you get the level of research and design thinking into the jerseys of your school soccer team at affordable prices?

Whether it’s men soccer uniforms or women, a strategically designed soccer uniform will always fascinate the crowd in the stands and TV if it is telecasted. But before you place your order to any random supplier, hold your horses. It would be best to be sure about several things before putting in your order. To help you do that, here are four tips for purchasing custom soccer uniforms for your team.


1. Determine the Basics

There are several elements you need to determine before finalizing your purchase. You need to decide whether the jerseys will be half-sleeve or full-sleeved, as it can make a big difference in the appearance and fit of the uniform. One more thing that you should consider is the color of the jerseys. Color plays a crucial role in the branding and appearance of the team. The colors of the uniforms should be similar to your team logo, branding, and even the mascot. The gender of the player also makes a lot of difference in the fit of the uniform. Men soccer uniforms have different sizing standards than women’s uniforms. You should also determine whether you want crew neck jerseys or v-neck ones.

2. Choose the Right Supplier

Choosing the right supplier is the most crucial part of ordering custom jerseys. You want to select a supplier that allows customizations, provides competitive rates, is flexible with design revisions, and, most importantly, uses high-quality fabric for the jerseys. It is also best to discuss the delivery time, product warranties, and discount deals for bulk orders. You should choose the supplier that checks off your checklist.

3. Look For the Right Features

Those days are gone when soccer jerseys were just clothing items. Today’s soccer jerseys are specially designed to support the player’s movement and comfort on and off the field. The jersey has a significant impact on the player’s performance, and hence you need to ensure some modern safety and comfort features in the jersey. Check whether the supplier you have in mind provides high-quality, durable micro-polyester material that dries faster, so the player doesn’t have to deal with wet and saggy uniforms. It should also have side panels made with mesh fabrics for better airflow. Some jerseys also come with ergonomic pads to reduce the impact of falls, bruises, and scrapes.

4. Discuss the Customizations

Customization should be on top of your list when choosing the supplier. The supplier should provide the means of customization in the jerseys, such as custom colors, designs, and branding elements. You don’t want your jersey to look like your opponent’s jerseys. Discuss the customizations with the supplier so you can make personalized soccer uniforms for your team.

Highly personalized, durable, and visually appealing jerseys can make a big difference in the image of your team. That is why you pay more attention to deciding the right supplier for designing and manufacturing your team’s soccer uniforms.