There has been a 7.0% growth in the waxing and nail history to date. If you own a beauty business and waxing is one of the services that you offer to clients, there are some waxing tips you’ve got to share with your clients.

By sharing these tips with your waxing clients, not only will you continue to build your clientele, but you’ll also strengthen your reputation in the waxing community. Read on now for these must-share waxing tricks.


  1. Exfoliation Is Key

Exfoliation is important because it helps to remove the dead skin from your legs and other body parts. When you exfoliate, it also helps to brighten the skin’s overall appearance.

Exfoliating reduces the likelihood that your clients will suffer from irritating and sometimes painful ingrown hairs. You must let your clients know for the best results, they should exfoliate a day or two before coming to their appointment, not the day of.

  1. Ask About Health Conditions

Another trick that you should have in your arsenal is collecting information about your client’s overall health. For example, if your client has a severe case of eczema, that’s something you’ll want to know about.

When you determine possible skin conditions, you can recommend that the appointment wait until after the skin and inflammation have subsided or recommend that your client skip waxing the area completely.

  1. No Tight Clothing

Although your client might be asking for a soft hair removal wax, this doesn’t mean that they can immediately put on tight-fitting clothing afterward. Take time to remind your clients that clothes’ that are too tight after a wax will rub the area, increasing the chances of irritation.

They should show up to the appointment in loose clothing as comfortably as possible and get ready for a relaxing experience.

  1. They Can Take Pain Medication

Some people don’t understand that what you do before your appointment is just as important as what you do after the appointment. If your client is having a sensitive area waxed or is partial to pain, remind them that taking pain medication ahead of the appointment is beneficial.

Taking pain medication can help to provide some relief during and after your client receives a waxing service.

  1. Relax

Your clients should understand that there is nothing to fear or worry about when you’re performing their waxing service. During the appointment, they should relax as much as possible.

When your client is tense, it can make the waxing session much more uncomfortable than it is.

Waxing Tips 101

There are several waxing tips that you can share with your clients to help prepare them for their waxing appointment. Ensure they know to relax during the appointment and that taking medication might help them more than they realized.

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