More than 36% of American households rely on electric cooking appliances as their primary heating option. Around 12.2 million Americans rely on electric stoves to cook and bake. Electric ovens, just like all other kitchen appliances, often become prone to wear and tear over time.

Without proper repair and maintenance, your stove will likely break down regularly. Such instances may be frustrating considering the vital role that electric stoves play in the kitchen.

The bad thing is that such electric stove breakdowns are inevitable.  But the good thing is that most electric stove repair processes are quick fixes that you can manage.

Electric stoves play a vital role in making your stay in the kitchen comfortable. These electrical stove repair tips are all you need to keep your cooktop burning.

Tips on Electric Stove Repair

It’s safer to consult experts when handling some specific stove repairs. However, there are some common easy fixes you can handle yourself.

Here are some electric stove repair tips for the pros you need to consider.

1. When the Electric Stove Won’t Turn On

Sometimes one or more burners on your electric stove won’t heat up. When this happens, the problem might be a faulty burner or a bad connection in the burner socket. The underlying issue could also be with a defective ignition switch.

Before proceeding with any repairs, you must unplug the stove first. You can then proceed with the diagnosis. The most common places to focus on include the burner socket connections and the burner prongs.

If any of these components show signs of burns or are charred, then you should consider a replacement. You should also look out for signs of corrosion around the socket. If the plug is beyond repair, the best thing would be to replace the caps.

You can replace the socket by unscrewing the wires and reconnecting the new outlets.  Similarly, if the main problem is with a burner, you should consider replacing it. This is often a DIY process, which you can handle yourself.

You should consider exchanging the faulty burner with the one that’s working before confirming the fault. If the burner still doesn’t heat, then you should find a replacement.

2. When the Electric Current Is Limited

If your electric stove stops completely, then the most probable reason could be that your furnace is not receiving electricity. Before proceeding with any repairs, you should check to see if the unit is plugged in properly.

A faulty outlet may also be a possible reason for such sudden failure to function. If you have recently moved into a new house, your first guess should be that the outlet is faulty.

In some cases, the actual problem may be with the circuit breaker. If the electric stove stops working altogether, you might need to consider checking the circuit breaker and the fuse. These two components often blow out, and when they do, there’s always the risk that the stove will stop working.

You may need to engage an electric stove repair expert to guide you in case the problem is with the circuit breaker or a blown-up fuse.

The other common issue when the stove stops working completely could be a problem with the wiring.

Such repairs are intricate because they involve assessing the wire connectors in the electric stove’s internal system. However, with professional stove repair service, your appliance can return to functional order within no time.

3. When the Coils Aren’t Heating up at All

Sometimes, the range light on your cooker may be working, but one or more of the coils may still not be working correctly. Such faults in the heating process may be a result of an issue with the internal ignition switches. Faulty ignition switches require more than just the basic electric stove repair knowledge.

Such coils not heating up may be due to the failure to plug in the coil elements properly. If the issue is with the coil element, it may be possible to fix the problem yourself. In most cases, it could be that there’s something stuck in between the stove and the element.

Coils may also break in case of substantial impact from a falling object. If you also accidentally placed something cold on the loop while hot, it may stop working. Depending on the severity of the fault, you may need to replace the coils entirely.

4. Oven Won’t Heat up to the Right Temperature

When your stove doesn’t heat up to the right temperature, the issue might be with temperature sensors. In other cases, the underlying concern may be with the igniter or the heating element. You can start by adjusting to the sensor to ensure that it’s not touching the inside of the oven wall.

You can use an ohmmeter to test the sensor for functionality. If the sensor is faulty, the best option would be to replace it. Replacing the sensors is an easy DIY procedure that may not necessarily require expert involvement.

5. When the Electric Door Won’t Close

You might need electric stove repair interventions in case your oven door won’t open regularly. You might need to unplug the appliance from the power connection before any procedure. Then you should remove the door from the stove by pulling it out straight up.

You need the intervention of an electric gas expert to ensure that they open and repair the oven doors properly. While you might have a user’s manual, issues such as hinge and spring repair require professionals.

6. The Electric Coils Are Loose

You may need to consider electric stove repair if the coils tend to move around whenever you place utensils on top. Such situations occur when the wrong tray is under the coils. The issue may also be with the size of the coil. You might need to either replace the plate of the coil to ensure that the fitting is right.

The process of fitting such coils may require the intervention of an expert with a background in coil sizes and accessories. With the right interventions, loose coils should not be a concern.

Expert Support for Electric Stove Repair

Electric stoves are a popular heating option in most American kitchens. But every so often, you’ll encounter malfunctions with the stoves, which may require urgent attention. While there are specific issues you can sort on your own, most electric stove repair processes need expert support.

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With the right electric stove repair services, your kitchen should be safe.

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