The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that 5, 104 motorcyclists lost their lives in a road accident in 2019. Therefore the NHTSA continues to remind drivers, motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians that it’s everyone’s job to share the road.

Distracted driving is the most common vehicle accident cause. It’s followed by speeding, drunk driving, and reckless driving.

The following are seven tips to share the road with motorcycles safely.


1. Mind Your Blind Spots

Not seeing a motorcyclist is one reason why vehicle drivers find themselves in accidents with them.

A driver’s blind spot is all the areas that they can’t see even with their mirrors or by turning their heads. Truck drivers have the biggest blind spots. These drivers do their best to warn others when they intend to stop or turn. Vehicle drivers must do the rest to keep themselves safe and prevent a collision with the truck and trailer.

A motorcyclist poses a massive blind spot for vehicle drivers. On the road, it seems like they sneak up on you.

While some motorcyclists participate in questionable driving, it’s up to vehicle drivers to be the bigger person on the road. A driver is far more protected in their car, so the responsibility to prevent an accident falls on them.

2. Practice Extra Caution During Bad Weather

Rain presents a driving hazard for all drivers and motorcyclists. Tires can hydroplane on slick roads.

Roads consist of tiny grooves that help tires stick to them better. Rain and fog fill those holes and take away that stickiness. Thus, tires running above the speed limit become more slippery.

In the worst-case scenario, the driver loses control of the car and runs into other traffic including motorcyclists.

JT Legal Group provides additional insight into the prevalence of motorcycle accidents.

3. Be Patient

The best way to drive among others is calm. It’s important to practice patience in jammed traffic and with little time to spare.

Watching a motorcyclist make their way through traffic as you sit it in does a number for many drivers. Sometimes motorcyclists must weave their way through traffic to avoid debris and other hazards. To the driver, that’s not how it looks.

To remain patient on the road, consider driving at a different time of the day. Pick a less congested route or leave home a half-hour earlier.

4. Use Good Driving Skills

When you took the written test at the Department of Motor Vehicles, you learned a lot of information first. All the rules contained in the DMV driving vehicle exist to help drivers avoid collisions.

For example, defensive driving emphasizes leaving enough room between you and the vehicle in front. The space helps prevent an accident if the car in front comes to a complete stop suddenly.

The NHTSA reminds drivers to obey all traffic signs, signals, and laws. Obeying traffic keeps the drive safe first and foremost. By preventing all accidents, you arrive at your destination without incident, which is great.

Plus, those driving with a passenger or their kids keep them safe too.


5. Look Twice at Intersections

Keeping in mind that driving is a privilege, even when you’re running late or frustrated, you must practice patience. For example, in addition to coming to a full stop at intersections with a stop sign, you must also look twice.

Looking twice at intersections is a good standard driving practice. It allows the driver to see pedestrians as they cross the street. The move allows a driver to see motorcyclists that came up from behind them who also intend to turn right.

6. Avoid Distractions

In 1930, Americans had the opportunity to purchase cars with radio signals. In 1952, they could purchase cars with FM radios too. Therefore, distracted driving has existed almost since the invention of the car.

Distracted driving looks different in 2021. Electronic devices remain overwhelmingly tempting for drivers, especially smartphones. However, when sharing the road with others, put them away.

Motorcyclists already run in a driver’s blind spot. Distractions make it more difficult to spot them.

7. Motorcyclists Move Faster

No one is immune to trying to beat a yellow light at the intersection including motorcyclists. A vehicle driver attempting to turn left must exercise caution, especially if the light is yellow.

Drivers must remember that motorcyclists move faster. Therefore, it’s easy to collide with them.

Motorcyclists are bound by driving laws too. It’s frustrating to miss a light to avoid a motorcycle. Let the law handle their speeding and remember that you helped avoid a traffic collision.

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It’s common for drivers to become frustrated when caught in traffic or running late. However, driving is a privilege, and sharing the road with others is a must. Drivers must be mindful of motorcyclists in the way that they’re mindful of pedestrians. It helps prevent accidents and everyone can arrive at their destination safely.