Everyone we know is delighted when Ramadan comes despite the fatigue that accompanies the holy month. This fatigue makes the month unbearable to some but sweet and comforting to the most. So if you’re feeling tired from all the outings, prayers and dehydration from the summer sun, read these simple hacking techniques to make your Ramadan better.

We have a prepared a list of simple hacking tips to make your life better and make you feel less tired during Ramadan.

1.Time management:

time managementWe know you have dozens of gatherings whether iftar or sohour or in between with your family and friends BUT remember you don’t live in Utopia!

You live in greater Cairo and the traffic can be smothering, so try to be a bit picky about your outings.


RAMADAN tents are the most popular social gatherings

You have to leverage and prioritize what to do during Ramadan. You wanna pray, go out, play football, work and make a living, sleep, spend time with the family and the day is just 24 hours!

So sit 5 minutes, set some goals then plan your week ahead.


CamelsAs you may know, only Camels can accumulate water in their bodies for days. So drinking a whole bottle of water at sohour would only initiate diruresis (peeing) until all this excess water is out of your system and you’ll be back to point zero. So what to do for rehydration?

Well, you need ti replace your volume and electrolytes sufficiently and slowly.

ramadan drinks
So start drinking at iftar 3-4 cups of your favorite Ramadan drink as Kharoub, Tamr hindy or Karkade (Hibiscus) or others which will fill you up with Potassium (and water) that will be retained in your body.

Then over the next few hours till sohour (which is a very short time), take sips of water every few minutes. That way, your body will start accumulating the water for the next day.


sleepRemember, you can not function without water nor sleep. Your body and brain are starving and dehydrated, already they start malfunctioning.

Do not add sleep deprivation to it. That continues point number one to organize your day/week ahead.

4.Avoid heat:

Bedtime ReadingTry to avoid the summer heat as much as possible. Stay in Air conditioned places even at night. It’s 35 degrees at nigh this week, you’re sweating all the remaining water in your body.

5.Save your money:

EGPoundsWith all due respect to all the tents and cafes, but the food is bad, service is poor and are overpriced.

You go out 11 months of the year, why not save some energy and money during Ramadan?

6.Coffee Addicts:

coffeeCan’t live without your morning jolt, you still have the option. At sohour, prepare your cup of coffee/cappuccino/latte and drink it the last thing before going to bed.

Drink it and go straight to bed. You will not be fully awake the next morning but you will be focused at work and the headache will be much less.

This simple Ramadan hack is the key to our top performance.


crossfit Play sports during the weekend to distract yourself from the hunger. Try to stay indoors and in air-conditioned arenas.

Perhaps some crossfit would be enough to keep you for the summer.


donateIt’s the most wonderful time of the year. There are thousands of outlets to donate your money, time, cloths, food. Start giving back to the community.


fiberDealing with constipation is tricky but easy. A few simple hacks for Ramadan can save you.

So constipation means you don’t have anything to excrete or you’re excreting hard stools.

So they key is taking food that make good stools and soften it by drinking lots of fluids  (point 2).

Try to eat lots of salads, fibers, vegetables at iftar and nuts and fruits in between iftar and sohour.

Have other ideas for Ramadan hacking? Leave in the comment section below…