We ideally begin with adequate planning before setting out on a journey, perhaps for vacation or permanent relocation. We try to put everything in place and ensure there is enough room for contingencies.

Typically, costs and finance are the most crucial factors to consider when planning, as they are essential criteria to check for a move. This preparation ritual also applies to moving into a retirement home.

There are different forms of senior care in retirement homes in Ontario, and they come at varying costs.

Seasons Retirement, one of the best retirement communities in Canada, provides different living options for adult residents in Ontario at affordable prices. Check how the living costs in their Ontario communities compare to living expenses at home.

Basically, this piece revolves around the frequently asked question – ‘how much do retirement homes cost in Ontario?’. Read on to uncover the details of senior care costs in the province.

Average Cost of Retirement Homes in Ontario

Ontario is particularly blessed with some of the best retirement communities in Canada, and these senior living homes provide a high level of specialized care to older adults.

That said, according to CHMC’s Senior Housing Report in 2018, it costs an average of $3,038 per month to rent a retirement home in Ontario. This rent fee often covers several care services, including meals, utilities, basic medical care, care amenities, etc.

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However, there may be some inconsistencies in the total cost of renting a retirement home in Ontario, depending on certain factors.

For instance, some adults require extra care, causing an increase in their senior living costs.

Using assisted living and independent living as our comparison tool, we’ll take a look at the disparity in retirement community prices across some cities in Ontario.


Lucan Biddulph, an incorporated town in southwestern Ontario, is home to fantastic retirement residences. And quite frankly, the price of retirement homes in the city is relatively affordable.

At an average cost of $3,175 per month, your loved one can rent a one-bedroom suite in Lucan, Ontario. Additionally, the independent senior residences in this area are reasonably spacious, measuring about 530 square feet in most homes.

In Lucan Biddulph, the price of assisted living maybe a little over $3,465, covering services like housekeeping, dressing, and other activities of daily living.


Like Lucan, London is another city in the southwestern region of Ontario. Now, how much do retirement homes cost in this part of Ontario?

Averagely, a one-bedroom retirement home costs about $5,800. Interestingly, a two-bedroom senior residence costs less than $5,787, albeit with a smaller space.

Meanwhile, assisted living may cost not less than $3,255 in this city, although this fee is expected to cover housekeeping, meals, and medical care.

3.Niagara Falls

The exciting Niagara Falls will always bear its appeal as one of the best places to retire in Ontario, and the city’s affordability makes it even more attractive.

With a monthly payment of $2,400, your older one can live independently in a retirement residence, albeit a studio apartment in Niagara Falls. Meanwhile, your parents may pay up to $3,400 per month to rent a one-bedroom home.

Furthermore, assisted living in Niagara Falls will cost at least $2,400. That said, this amount will pay for housekeeping service, grooming, transfer, and medical care.


Rounding up our list is Toronto. Now, you may be wondering, ‘how much are retirement homes in the capital city of the Ontario province?’. ‘Affordable’ may be the most concise answer to your question.

In Toronto, a one-bedroom independent living retirement home costs about $1,924, while assisted living is $2,400.

Cost of Long-term Care in Ontario

In Ontario, the price of residing in retirement homes, especially in the long-term, is not a set figure. It depends on different factors, including the type of apartment, length of stay, level of care, etc.


Below is an estimated list of long-term retirement living costs in Ontario.

  • Long-stay Basic: $1,620 per month
  • Long-stay Semi-private: $1,863 per month
  • Long-stay Private: $2,167 per month
  • Short-stay: $1,053 per month

Tips on How to Save Retirement Home Costs in Ontario

Indeed, the cost of senior living communities in Ontario can be a little expensive. If these living expenses might strain your loved one’s finances, you should consider effective ways for them to save money.

Here are some tips to save money on retirement home costs in Ontario.

1.Choice of apartment

Most retirement homes allow their residents to choose their apartment size. So, it is best for your loved one to pick a reasonably-sized living space, given that smaller apartments cost less overall.

2.Apartment sharing

Typically, retirement living communities offer two-bedroom suites to their residents, who prefer large living areas. These apartments, however, can be shared by two adult residents.

Although sharing a living space may not be ideal for older folks, it helps reduce the cost of retirement living by a significant amount. Moreover, your older one may enjoy having a housemate over time.

3.Community size

Going by the economies of scale, you may think that your loved one will pay less in a large retirement community. On the contrary, residing in smaller retirement homes may come with lower expenses than their bigger counterparts.

Usually, this economy-of-scale deviation results from varying regulations for small and large retirement communities in Ontario.

4.Level of care

As mentioned earlier, there are varying prices for different forms of retirement living. So, to save cost, ensure that your older one chooses the proper form of senior living that suits their needs.

If you are not certain of the level of care your parent needs, you can consult with a senior care expert in Ontario to help determine it.


Before your loved one moves into a retirement home, they should know the total cost.

Also, they should analyze potential costs they may incur in the long run or other expenses that may be hidden.

‘How much do retirement homes cost?’, ‘How can I save on senior living?’ are some of the questions your parents may have.This article should give them a financial insight into how to go about their move into retirement living in Ontario.