Sydney, the capital of NSW, is a fast-paced and busy urban jungle where it is a great idea to own a motorcycle. The daily hustle and bustle are hectic, with a rush-hour being a mess. Parking can also be a problem, especially in the more crowded downtown CBD or central business district. But fret not because you can quickly and stylishly navigate the busy city streets by choosing among the several designs of Triumph motorcycles Sydney.

Pick one to be your signature two-wheel ride for manoeuvring around town. There will undoubtedly be days that you’d want to escape the frenetic pace of the city to relax and unwind. It is a natural progression to crave for a long ride, especially when you’ve gotten used to commuting daily with your bike as you zoom past by the iconic Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge. Nothing beats being free to roam the beautiful stretch of country roads with the wind whipping on your face.

This is one of the enticing draws of owning a motorcycle. You’re in for one fantastic road trip! For a long-distance motorcycle ride, you need to prepare well so it won’t be tiresome but memorable. Here are some things to consider when you are planning one:

Start Early

Choose among the broad range of Triumph motorcycles Sydney to be your companion and hit the road not later than 8 am. Starting early means, you get to watch the world wake up. With many kilometres to go, the earlier you roll out, the sooner you can stop at night to get your rest. Schedule it just right so you can be off the main road during dusk as the dimmed natural light makes it difficult for others to see you. It also makes it harder for you to see what’s up ahead.

Wear the Proper Gear

If you are going on a long motorcycle ride on the outskirts of Sydney, you need more than a full-face helmet. You need biker’s clothing with kevlar armour inserts for additional protection. Specialised biker wear also has reflectors and bright accent styling so you can look good and remain visible as you ride. This is not just for looking cool but being safe on the road. Add on a pair of motorcycle boots for added protection for your feet, ankle, and legs.


Prep for Inclement Weather

The Land Down Under has four seasons. Mother nature can be fickle, so prepare for unexpected weather changes. Expect to be cold, hot, and wet at some point in your journey, especially if you intend to navigate far during the changing season. Be sure to pack some extra clothes in your gearbox. Waterproof and well-vented jackets, pants, and gloves for air circulation are an absolute must to keep you dry and comfy.

Consider the Seat

In long-distance bike rides, you will be on your seat for hours on end. The form of your seat will determine your riding stance. It is advisable to have a seat that is firm to offer support. With the right firmness, it means you won’t sink in too much, which will also affect your posture. When you are on the saddle for long, you will find yourself moving back and forth your cushion, so a firm and flat seat will allow you to do that. You can even opt to replace your stock seat with something with a backrest.

Get GPS and Wireless Stuff Ready

Plan your route early because you don’t want to be looking at your mounted GPS. Your eyes should be on the road. For best results, wear a helmet that’s equipped with Bluetooth so you can hear your mapping instructions with ease. This will also allow you to play music and receive calls. If you are riding with a group, you can also communicate through this.

Pack Essentials

You should bring water and snacks on the road because you’ll never know what stuff you may encounter. Staying hydrated and nourished keeps you alert. Most of all, pack tools and spares in case you need an emergency patch-up job. Don’t forget to include a small first-aid kit, too. You can stuff all these in your saddlebags. Pack them in plastic bags to keep the water out in case it rains.

Final World

With the right preparation and planning, you will be able to enjoy long motorcycle drives. It is incredibly satisfying to tour the countryside of Oz from the ground up on your own bike. Just keep these tips in mind when you’re planning your adventure so you can enjoy your time on the road.