Being involved in a car accident is a traumatic experience, even when you’re fortunate enough to be safe from physical injuries. Research by The Center for Internet and Society (CIS) found that over 90% of car accidents are caused by human error and could be avoided. Meaning that 90% of accidents may be avoidable if only by driving safe. However, if you even get into an accident, be sure to contact Atlanta truck wreck law firm for help. Mentioned below are some tips to drive safely to avoid accidents.

1.   ​Be careful

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Maneuver into traffic gradually. Stop, Look, Listen. Know about blind spots, including those in rear view mirrors and behind windshield pillars.

Likewise, when at an intersection making a turn, look both ways twice before continuing. Vehicles can show up all of a sudden, so practice caution when manoeuvring into a busy intersection.

2.   ​Don’t drive if you are stressed or unwell

If you think you are exhausted, stressed, or unwell and it will influence your judgment while driving, you should not get behind the wheel. Being under emotional distress can hinder your response time and driving in such a state is risky.

Being exhausted or tired increases your odds of you nodding off. On the off chance that it’s a long drive and you feel tired, pull over to the roadside and rest for some time.

3.   ​Keep Your Car in good condition

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Keeping your vehicle well-maintained is an extraordinary method to reduce the danger of having an accident.

There are a couple of things to check more than once a month to guarantee your vehicle is in safe-drivable condition.

This includes checking the oil, water, and tires. Schedule a set time each month to replace your oil, top up your liquid catalyst, check all the electrical wiring, and check the tires.

4.   ​Keep away from construction sites

In some cases, you may need to change the routes you usually take to school or other places each day, particularly if there is construction going on. There might be diversions, which can cause accidents.

There may likewise be trash from the development that you could run over, causing tire blowouts.

Until construction is finished, locate a backup route and you will stay away from the danger of having an accident.

5.   ​Space

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Spacing is one of the most significant considerations when driving. Guaranteeing there is sufficient distance between your vehicle and the one in front is significant when someone unexpectedly stops abruptly.

Those additional yards can be the key difference between an accident and safe travels. Keeping a safe space between different vehicles causes you to get a higher perspective and see the street ahead more plainly.

Try to hold a few seconds of space among you and the driver in front. Pick an item somewhere far off – a light post or sign – begin counting when the vehicle in front passes the sign, if it takes you 2-3 seconds to arrive at that sign, at that point, you have a safe distance.

However, if you arrive at it quicker than that, you have to slow down.