Perched in the city of Massachusetts, Boston University (BU) is among the most popular Division I campuses in the United States. Several statistics revealed that more than 34,000 students are attending this institution.

With high academic standards and a great BU social life, there is a lot to like about this educational institution. Keep scrolling and find out why you should apply at BU today.

Highly-Regarded Academics and Multiple Opportunities 

BU offers great academic flexibility and over 300 study programs, allowing you to maximize the value of your degree. All professors are qualified masters in their subject area and even reading a student’s writemyessayonline review won’t make them flinch. Plus, the university also provides students with an ability to take combined MA and BA programs, Dual Degree coursework, and opportunities to take lessons over the institutions ten colleges and schools.

Other than that, BU is also known for being one of the best research institutions in the country. It gives students opportunities to take on research projects in the fields of medicine, social sciences, humanities, education, arts, and natural sciences.

Interestingly, BU is also among the top 100 universities in the world. Times Higher Education even referred to BU as an “International Powerhouse” in the research industry.

Excellent Social Life 

Perhaps one of the biggest attractions for students is the top-class BU social life. Not only are dorms made up of top-of-the-line equipment, but they also provide spaces that enable you to find a group of individuals that share your passion.

Play soccer, basketball, and hockey or come and support the varsity teams at their games during the season. Plus, BU also hosts special events almost every month, enabling freshmen students to adjust effectively in newer surroundings.

Alternatively, students can also choose to join BU-affiliated groups or join Community Service Center programs to find common ground. At present, there are more than 500 students groups and organizations in the university.

Boston University

How Can I Check The Social Environment Of BU? 

Schedule a visit and examine how BU professors are engaging their students to take part in the discussion. Better yet, ask current students about their experiences in the institution to get a full picture of what to expect.

Likewise, join campus tours and ask about class sizes, educational technologies, and the quality of the faculty or the student body. Moreover, ask questions about the number of debts of every school graduate and the job placement rate to know whether the university meets your preferences.

Alternatively, check sites like Campus Reel which provide virtual tours of BU and enable students to explore campuses at their homes. In other words, students will no longer have to spend money on transportation to get multiple pieces of information.

Usually, virtual tours give students 360-degree panoramic videos and photos that assess the school in minutes. Data shows that the average time spent on virtual walking tours is around 10.4 minutes.

On the flip side, virtual walking tours also help universities reach more prospects and highlight school features that will excite students. In most cases, these virtual tours come with call-to-action buttons that enable students to schedule physical visits and start the application process.


Virtual tours might cost you money upfront, but they can save significant money, time, and hassles during the college application process. With Campus Reel virtual tours, students will get a sense of the character, facilities, and vibrancy of the college on a deeper level.