Sydney is home to five prestigious universities recognised internationally for academic research. As the student population here is quite massive, checking the available accommodation in Sydney becomes a crucial step during the university admission process. Top consultants can help you find the best purpose-built student lodgement in your desired neighbourhood in the capital city.

Here are a few top reasons that will compel you to choose this type of student housing in Sydney.

Proximity to University with Access to Almost Anywhere in Sydney

UNSW, UTS, and Western Sydney University count among the top institutions in Sydney. While most university campus locations are in the inner-city, some spread across western and northern suburbs.

A purpose-built student housing allows you to choose from inner-city vibes to up-and-coming suburbs while pursuing higher studies in Sydney. Its strategic location makes it close to your university campus, local shops, grocery stores, and Sydney’s top destinations to visit.

Top consultants offer this accommodation type in prime areas such as Broadway, Central Park, Chatswood, and Redfern. You may make use of the city’s public transport, which makes commutation across these suburbs quite convenient.


Availability of Different Room Types

The University of Sydney ranks #1 for Architecture and the built environment, Clinical medicine, and Oncology courses.

If you enrol in such competitive courses, you need a study environment that will allow you to focus more on your studies and thus score well.

Depending on your study and lifestyle priorities, you can choose your best suitable room type when you go for purpose-built student lodgement.

You may check the available accommodation in Sydney on reliable online platforms. The top ones offer a variety of room types, from studio to shared apartments, with all the required value-added features.

Everything You Need Is Under One Roof

If you are an international student in Sydney, you can work 20 hours per week and unlimited hours during your holiday breaks.

But managing your daily chores while leading a hectic study and work life can become challenging if you don’t have the right amenities in your lodgement. A purpose-built student housing is the best solution as you can find all the facilities you would require daily.

Leading online consultants in Sydney provide contemporary amenities, from study space, gym, onsite laundry facilities to engaging outdoor spaces. These facilities ensure you get the most out of your time at university, for studying and enjoyment.

Purpose-built Student Housing Is Highly Cost-effective

Sydney is an expensive city for university students; your cost of living here can be pretty high, with tuition and book fees of a whopping $31,000 adding to the burden.

But a purpose-built student accommodation offers all-inclusive billing where the utility bills get included in the rent.

Top professionals in Sydney feature rooms at affordable rates. You can enjoy the luxury of such lodgements, even when on budget.

Consult an Expert

The University of Sydney ranks 3rd in Australia and 38th globally for 2022 in QS world rankings for universities.

While enrolling in such a prestigious institution, consult a reputed purpose-built student housing consultant. Rest assured, you can be a top achiever while enjoying Sydney’s high lifestyle, right in your comfortable living space.