Scamming activities are increasing every day and many people are getting ripped off their hard earned money. Scammers do not discriminate against races because they target everybody as long as they have enough money for them. Their sole goal is to get their hands on your money. With the use of Triada cyber security, most scammers have been limited from getting access to their peoples vital information.


Scammers always try to look like the real thing in the eyes of the people they are scamming, which makes their strategy a success. In the early 1900s, scammers have been making use of old strategies that have been discovered and closed today with security protocols. However, as development continues to evolve, so do scammers and fraudsters continue to make discoveries by using modern technologies to convince people and make them vulnerable. Even with all of these going on, a scammer or fraudster can only rip you off your hard-earned money if you allow them. With the use of the latest Triada cyber security and other effective procedures, you can successfully limit scammers and fraudsters from contacting you!

Here are procedures from avoiding scammers and fraudsters:

Do Online Research

In the world of scammers, they always make use of fake details in contacting their victims. It doesn’t matter whether you are a business owner or an individual, there’s no way scammers and fraudsters can contact you using their real information, which might end up exposing them. Most of them use a code name and unknown information in convincing their victims, so doing thorough online research can easily expose their past activities as a scammer or fraudster.


Hang Up On Unknown Callers

A phone scam is another trending method of scamming an individual or an organization. In most cases, scammers who make use of phone scams are marketing fraudsters with the intention of convincing business owners to buy their service for a certain amount of time. There’s hanging up on unknown callers will be a great idea for limiting scammers from contacting you.

Keep Your Personal Details Secured

Nowadays, people make use of social media platforms in interacting with unknown strangers. As much as one would like to keep their information limit from the internet, it’s not always possible, especially when discussing with another human being and building trust. A moment of weakness is likely to happen, however, you should try to know the limit.

Decline Requests For Money

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This should be your limit, you should know when to say no! Having control over what you do, most scammers and fraudsters continue to request huge amounts of money once you have made the mistake of sending any money to them. Nowadays, it is being assumed that any unknown user that requests for money is a scammer.

Beware of Shopping On New Websites

Most scammers create a shopping website intending to get users to purchase with their credit card through it, so they can steal their card information. This will give them access to steal your money.


Scamming has been going on for a long period and most people still end up falling for the trick after several warnings about the issue associated with slacking in protecting your vital information. Triada cyber security has made a positive impact on limiting scammers from accessing people’s private information.