7 Easy LED TV maintenance Tips for Everyone [DIY]


That gorgeous LED you just bought has become the talk of the town, and you are wishing your kids could grow up watching cartoons on it. Sounds great, right? Well, it is! In addition, to make that possible, all you need to do is maintain it super well.

Not only should maintenance be super simple, but it should also be super effective. To help you deduce what you can do to ensure the long life of your screen, we have compiled a list of 7 easy things you can do and tips that you can follow.

Not only are these for everyone, but they are also almost DIYs that cost little to no money. Do not have an LED yet? How about you look at the TCL LED in Pakistan?

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1) Power it off…

Yes, you read it right. The simplest thing you can do to ensure longevity is to simply turn your television off when you are not using it. Do not just let it simply run in the background whilst you engage in other activities.

Powering it off helps the system cool down and prevents overheating and consequential damage. Continuously keeping it on for long periods leads to a decreased lifespan and increases chances of damage to the internal parts.

Lastly, by using your TV screen when required, burn-ins are also prevented. This permanently ruins your screen and makes watching TV less fun.

2) Stabilize it all!

To ensure that voltage fluctuations and power outages do not ruin your TV set, it is best you install a voltage regulator or a surge protector.  Not only will this protect your television, but almost all other appliances installed in your home. Moreover, an unstable voltage flow will not be able to damage your screen as sudden powering on and off is prevented.

3) Contrast and brightness, friends or foes?

You may not know but keeping your TV screen running on the highest brightness levels will eventually damage your screen or reduce its lifespan. Not only this, but your eyes will also slowly damage due to excessive light exposure.

As for contrast, this function too works similar to brightness. The higher the contrast levels, the more easily your screen will give in. A reduced lifespan means you will eventually have to invest in another screen or bear heavy repairing costs.

4) Keep it airy.

Similar to computers, television screens also require proper ventilation. Placing your TV in a well-ventilated room will do wonders. This is because proper ventilation helps the equipment cool off faster and prevents overheating.

Furthermore, lower humidity levels also help a great deal in ensuring longevity. The better working you keep your internal parts, the better the TV runs. There is no denying that it will last you a good couple of years if the insides are kept happy.

5) Intruder alert.

Just like you would hate someone invading your privacy, a TV screen hates foreign objects. And not just simple foreign objects, but sharp ones. Blades, knives scissors or anything else that can pierce the TV body or puncture the TV screen is a big no. There should definitely, be no need to explain why these things should be kept away from your screen at all times.

6) Blow off that dust.

Who does not love a bath that cleans and purifies the mind, soul, and body? Everyone does, and so do TV screens. But, mind you! Do not go dunking your screen into the water as a TV screen’s bath is supposed to be different. All you need to do is to wipe off the dust regularly, that comes to the party on your screen.

For this purpose, you can use anti-static rags and suitable cleaners that are meant for cleaning LEDs. For the insides, you can use an electric vacuum pump or blower. This ensures that the insides remain as dust-free as the outsides!

7) Don’t go too low!

Sure, it is hot and you would love to cool yourself down by turning your AC down to the lowest temperature possible but what you do not know is that this affects your TV. Higher humidity levels caused by condensation at lower temperatures ruin the internal equipment of your TV.

If you are someone who feels hot and cannot live without deep cooling, it is best to invest in a dehumidifier. This will prevent too much moisture from building up inside the room and will keep humidity levels within a good range.


Easy tips, weren’t they? However, you must apply them for ensuring a longer lifespan of your television set. Even if you do not follow all religiously, you must follow most out of the seven tips listed above.

These are crucial to not only the appliance’s performance but also to its lifespan. Furthermore, by keeping your screen well maintained, you can eradicate the need of having to invest in another at a sooner time. By following these tips, you can juice out every ounce of money you had once put into, purchasing the appliance. A win-win, no matter which angle you look at it from!