For a growing number of parents, digital parenting has become a serious challenge. They try everything but cannot protect their kids from online and offline threats. Kids are exposed to a lot of things. They have smartphones, use the internet, access social and dating sites and even visit the adult content websites. Such things are the major cause of stress for the parents. There is another issue and that is the modern parents are not really tech-savvy. They don’t know much about technology, smartphones and internet things. For this reason, their knowledge is limited and they can better guide the teens and kids on how they can stay away from such things. But we have a solution for such parents. The parents can use android spy software to know what their kids throughout the day.

The Best Android Spy App to Monitor Teens

The use of spy apps has increased in recent years. There are many reasons for this but the parents are worried about the safety of their children. For example, parents want to know where their child is when they leave school and they want to make sure the kids reach home safely.

For this reason, they track their locations and keep eyes on their whereabouts.

But this is just one thing. With BlurSPY app parents can do so many things like spying, tracking the phone and monitoring the children. This is the best app at the moment. A lot of people are using and we have checked their reviews.

They rated it as a top-notch spy app for android phones. It is useful for parents, employers as well as people in relationships. Apart from this everyone can use it to monitor any android phone.

Keeping Eyes on Teens’ Daily Activities

With BlurSPY app, the parents can keep eyes on their kids throughout the day and for 24/7. The app offers a good number of useful features that make parenting and tracking teens funfor the parents.

Parents will be able to track their children remotely and without doing anything. All they need is to turn on the features and the app will start working to find out the phone activities.

Blurspy App

Features of BlurSPY App

The features of any app determine what a user can do and how powerful they are. BlurSPYhas all the best and essential features parents will need to keep eyes on their kids. Let’s talk about the features.

Call Tracking

With this feature, the BlurSPY users can track phone calls on any android phone. Parents will be able to check and view the calls of their teens on their phones. They can live tointercept the calls to listen to the conversations.

BlurSPY also allows parents to record incoming and outgoing calls. If parents want, they can block any numbers so that their kids don’t get phone calls from those numbers. This is just awesome.

Message Tracking

Here comes one of the most important features for parents. Sexting is common these days and it is growing due to the internet and dating sites. Parents should find out if their kids are doing sexting. With this feature, parents can check the text messages of their kids on their phones. Parents can block any numbers to restrict messages.

Location Tracking

Location tracking has become a part of spying on anyone. Parents need this feature badly because they are often worried about where their children are. So the parents can use live GPS location tracker of BlurSPY app to live track their children. The app also keeps records of weekly locations and places kids have been visiting.

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Social Media Hacking

In this modern world, it is essential for parents to check the social media activities of their kids. A lot of things happen on social and dating sites that parents can never find out. But phone spy app allows parents to hack any social media app, sneak into the private chats of their kids, see their friend lists, contact lists, and check what the kids share on these sites. Hacking any social media app with BlurSPY is fund and really easy.

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