Easy Methods to Setup Norton Antivirus

Easy Methods to Setup Norton Antivirus

Norton antivirus is one of the spectacular and vibrant brands on the market today which deals in antivirus products. Norton has delivered a lot to the technology and with the features in the products; it has managed to set a perfect benchmark in the industry. It has been conveying the best quality class services to the customers.

There are several issues faced by the users concerned with Norton antivirus setup. By having a setup of Norton antivirus will save you from various malicious threats along with hackers. This makes it very important for every internet user to Setup Norton Antivirus in their system. However, users some time falls in the hectic situation due to which they are not able to overcome the situation and hence get into trouble.

With proper steps, such issues can be neglected and the protection of your system can be enhanced. For the help of our readers, we have listed a complete step-by-step guide to help them with proper antivirus Setup.

Setup Norton Antivirus

Steps for Norton Antivirus Setup

There are two different methods through which a user can perform the activity to Setup Norton Antivirus. We have listed both the methods for reducing the hassle of our readers. You can follow any of the methods for this process.

Method 1:

➢ You have to start by opening the official page of the Norton. From the website, you need to download antivirus setup in order to initiate the process.
➢ After that, you have to create an account if you are a new customer or you have to log in if you already have an account.
➢ Once you are logged in, redeem your activation key and activate your antivirus.
➢ Now go to my account where you will see the Services option. Click the Download option from the list.
➢ As the download completes, run the Setup and follow the instructions that are visible on the screen.
➢ As the process completes and the installation of the software is successful, restart the system and update the software.

So, this is where the first method of the process completes. Now, let’s move on to the second method. If this process does not help you with the setup then you may follow the next method listed.

Method 2:

➢ To performing this method, you must download antivirus setup with the help of your browser.
➢ To start with the process, a user should “Sign in” to Norton.
➢ After that, you have to enter an email ID and password. For a new user, it is required to complete the “Sign up” process.
➢ At this point, you need to tap on Download option from the Norton setup window
➢ In case, a user has a product key to which they have not been registered yet, tap New product key to continue with the process.
➢ Now, you must enter the product key and tap the option of “>”.
➢ After that, select the button of “Agree and download”.
➢ Then, hit “Run”.
➢ Finally, the Norton product has been installed or set up now.

So, these are some reliable steps that would help you in the process of Norton Antivirus Setup without any kind of hassle. The steps are reliable and you can always rely on them for sure-shot solutions for the process. There are times when a user faces a problem while they Install Norton Antivirus. For eradicating this problem, a user must surf through the blogs on our website and get steps for the same.