You have to be very careful while selecting a gadget that you want to apply directly to your skin. Otherwise, you might have to face some worst consequences. Here, we are having a discussion about the electric shavers and trimmers. The electric shaver is such a tool that is the need of every man nowadays.

Whether you like to keep the longer beards or close shave. In both of the cases, you need shavers and trimmers.

In this guide, we will discuss the top factors that you should keep in your mind while buying them. So, let’s move on towards the core part of the discussion.

Core Factors to Consider While Shortlisting a Shaver

Yes, the price of products is a factor

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Generally, I have seen that a majority of the people like to keep this factor at their foremost priority. I can understand that it’s a big factor and constraint but don’t ever go with low-quality trimmers to shave a few dollars.

This saving can be dangerous for you. So, just before shortlisting or buying an electric shaver have some research on the internet for pricing.

After this research, you can decide your budget. Usually, good electric shavers are available in the range of 50 to 150 USD. The price may variate due to several factors like brand name, features, etc.

If you want to read more about the pricing then I will recommend you go through the guide about the best electric shavers under $100.

Brand and Company Matters too!


People of the USA mostly like to go with Braun, Philips, Remington, and Panasonic while buying electric shavers for them. The reason is that these brands have earned a good reputation over the last few years. While for the clippers people usually like to choose Wahl.

You can also choose these brands for sure. As I have already discussed above that the price of shavers may variate according to the brand that is manufacturing them. The products of these brands are usually expensive as compared to the new upcoming brand.

You can try a new brand as well because most of the upcoming good brands offer economical products just to capture the market. In this regard, you can seek help from the review sites while buying a shaver from any new company. While old companies already have their positive repute.

A famous packaging company in the USA that manufactures custom beard oil boxes has claimed that many small businesses are going to launch new products for men’s shaving purpose. So, wait for new upcoming products and exciting discount offers.

What Makes an Electric Shaver Good?

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I always say that the good quality blades, motor, and battery make an electric shaver good. While buying a shaver, always go with the sharp stainless steel blades.

The issue of razor bumps and skin allergies can be avoided when you have a razor with sharp blades. The good motor assists the blades in getting good shaving results.

Similarly, good battery time saves you from charging your tool again and again.

Identify the Correct Category of Product


Not every product is made for the same purpose. For example, the shavers with close shave are different from the trimmers that are specially built for stubble. So, before buying a product, just ask yourself about that question.

Usually, for the close shave, people like to go with electric razors while for stubble for beard maintenance, people like to choose trimmers. Barbers often use clippers as they can be used for hair and beard styling at the same time.

Also, don’t forget to read about the vacuum beard trimmers as well. They are new trending technology in the market.

Final Words

I am sure that this valuable information will help you in choosing the right product for you. We have finalized the above-mentioned points after deep research.

So, people might get benefits from them. You can save your time and money by considering the above-mentioned points before buying electric shavers.