A projector is a delicate and high priced electronic equipment. By properly taking care of it, you can significantly lengthen its life span and ensure a highly efficient performance without fault. By regularly caring for all parts of your projector such as projector cabinet, projector lens, projector lamp, and others, you should be rest assured that it will always deliver unrivaled quality images to your audience.



1. Keep the lens clean

Sometimes, the blurring you see during a projection might not be from a low-resolution video, but from having a dirty lens with smudges that prevent light transmission to the screen.

To get a high-quality image during a projection, you have to ensure that you always keep the lens clean. You should make sure you carry out this process (of lens cleaning) at least once in a year.

How do you clean your lens?

You should always carry out this process by using a lens cloth and isopropyl alcohol. Isopropyl is available cheaply from local hardware store.

To clean the dust in front of the lens, make use of a dust blower.

Clean the lens by wiping in a specific direction, using a soft touch and avoid wiping in all directions.

Note that lens cleaning should not be done too often as it can eventually lead to a lens scratch if it is too much.

2. Shut down when not in use

Shutting-down the projector when not in use helps to save lamp time. Also, ensure that you always shut down your projector for a few minutes before unplugging. It helps to lengthen the lifespan of the lamp.

3. Keep it cool

Always use your projector in a well-ventilated area – area with sufficient airflow, preferably an air-conditioned environment. Avoid using it on heat-absorbing materials and mattresses, as it can result in overheating.

Do not use the projector under direct sunlight or close to other heat sources. To increase the projector’s cooling efficiency, always clean out the fans because dirt and other particles can easily. These particles can prevent the proper functioning of the fan.

Also, to avoid overheating, you should have periodic breaks when viewing a lengthy movie or series. It would be best if you watched with a projector about eight to twelve episodes in a day before shutting it down.

A projector works under high temperatures. Therefore, never allow it to overheat every time without breaks or cool downs. Allowing it to cool down will lengthen its life span and maintain its efficiency.

4. Store in a cool and dry place (away from heat sources)

Store your projector in an area that is not liable to temperate extreme-high, extreme-cold temperatures. It is because the projector could be damaged not only by overheating but also from freezing. Therefore, you must have a storage facility that is not subject to extreme changes in temperatures and does not accommodate pests. Take proper care of your projector because it is a major investment.

When storing, you must be meticulous with your projector. If you did not mount it on a ceiling or wall, then you should always keep your device in its recommended packing material. A Styrofoam packing protects the projector from blunt-force trauma that can cause damages to the lamp or electronics.

5. Allow it to cool down.

After you switch off your projector, allow it to cool down through its fan before you eventually unplug and pack it. If you pack it immediately, it can cause the lamp filaments to break.

The wise action to take is to allow the lamp to cool down alongside the projector. The fans only do some parts of the task of cooling a hot projector.

6. Do not be trigger happy.

Frequently turning on/off your projector can lead to a power surge. A power surge can have adverse effects on its internal circuits and cause the projector to wear out.

Furthermore, it would help if you were meticulous when you want to turn off/on your projector. Do not repeatedly push the on/off button because it could damage your projector in ways you might not expect.

7. Read up the manual

It is essential to read up the manual of your projector. Your manual informs you of the exact things you need to know about your projector with the ways to care for it and maintain it. The manual contains the dos and don’ts of the projector. It also comes in handy when there is a need to troubleshoot a problem with the projector or when you are not aware of what to do to maintain a specific projector model.

For example, it could contain information on operating several modes like an economy or power-saving-mode, on the projector. It can also entail ways to shut down the projector automatically after prolonged use. This information prevents overheating and protects the integrity of the projector.

It has explicit information about the specifications of your device and its limit. This information helps you know the activities you can use the projector for and the ones you cannot. Knowledge of your projector’s dos and don’ts will go a long way in helping you maintain it, eventually resulting in a long lifespan.


As a projector user, you should apply the rules mentioned above to maintain your device’s efficiency and keep it running at its maximum capacity with a lengthy lifespan. If it develops any fault very early, you may fix it by warranty. But a consistent nonchalant usage will only result in an eventual early death once it is off-warranty. Learn to take care of your projector using the tips previously outlined.

Indeed, the performance and efficiency of your projector rely solely on the daily cleaning of the fan and proper placement in a cool and dry place during projection and storage when not in use.

Lastly, keep all your documents safe in case the projector needs repair while still under warranty or even off-warranty.