Businesses rely on productivity. When employees are less productive, a business’ bottom line suffers. If non-productivity continues, the business may even close its doors.

At the same time, trying to manage business trips and work remotely will inevitably cut down on productivity. Sometimes, there is just too much work to do while on the road, plus trying to get business meetings done.

This is where a second screen or dual monitor can make all the difference. With a second screen, you can take down meeting notes and answer emails during breaks. Now, imagine having a Mobile Pixels Trio triple portable monitor for a laptop setup.

This gives you two extra screens you can set up on the go. The 2.0 Tri screen laptop monitors come in two sizes, 13.3” and 14.1”, which fits most laptops. The upgraded triple portable monitor for laptop screens is lighter and thinner, making it easier to carry.

Moreover, this ‘second screen on steroids’ comes with a built-in kickstand and a plug-and-play functionality. It is also compatible with macOS, Samsung DeX, Windows, and Nintendo Switch.

Mobile Pixels Trio Second Screen

Studies Reveal That Two Screens Instantly Improve Productivity

A study by the University of Utah found that multiple-monitor setups helped users perform far better on various metrics. Users completed tasks faster and more effectively.

They found it easier to work with two or three screens and dramatically increased their time-to-productivity rate.

Microsoft affirmed these findings. A Microsoft research study revealed that productivity increased by up to 50% when using more than one monitor.

The extended benefits of using a second screen or triple-monitor setup include:

  • Reduced cognitive stress: Your cognitive load refers to the amount of information your working memory can process at one time. This load increases when you constantly minimize and maximize windows.
  • With a dual or triple-monitor setup, you can keep several applications open side-by-side, quickly reducing mental strain.
  • Vastly improved multitasking: With more than one screen, performing multiple tasks is effortless. You can create a presentation on one screen while researching on another. You can even attend a virtual meeting via one screen while reviewing information on another.
  • Reduced error rate: Switching windows can lead to errors. Having two or three monitors next to each other will help you compare data, enter information, and reference documents without losing sight of anything.

Travelers Will Benefit From a Dual or Triple Portable Laptop Setup

It does not matter why you travel. What matters is whether you can get work and projects done while traveling.

This is why multiple monitor setups are so popular. For instance, remote workers who prefer coffee shops or temporary offices can easily set up their screens and manage their projects.

If they attend meetings, they can set up these screens at the meeting location. It takes only a few minutes, and the payoff is fantastic: Several screens on which to take notes and keep critical information open.

When it comes to business travel, you can create a client presentation while waiting for your next flight. You can also set up your monitors in your hotel room and prepare for your next business meeting.

Multiple portable monitors even come in handy for content creators. Travel bloggers use second and third screens to craft blogs and social media posts. One screen holds their writing, another screen scrolls through travel photos, and another displays current website or social media traffic.

These are just a few examples of how multiple screens can benefit productivity. Remote workers get more work done because they will spend less time minimizing and maximizing spreadsheets, documents, and emails.

Business travelers have more options for virtual meetings and staying on top of emails. Travel bloggers can look at the big picture of their content across two or three screens and visualize how their blogs and posts will come together.

Mobile Pixels Trio Second Screen

Multiple Portable Laptop Screen Setups are More Than a Luxury

Dual and triple portable monitor setups are not only a luxury. They help improve the research process and streamline business communication. They even help enhance the entertainment experience when you have downtime between meetings.

So, while investing in a second or third screen may seem like just another expense, the benefits in productivity and convenience will continue to justify the purchase.