Donning body armor does a whole lot more than make you look and feel like your favorite NCIS or CSI character. These pieces of protective clothing offer more than just aesthetic appeal. Plus, it is a fact that wearing body armor protects you from a number of threats – firearms, sharp objects, and even bombs.

So it comes as no surprise that a lot of individuals use body armor for specific life-threatening scenarios.

But what is body armor actually? Is there more than one type of armor? How about the kinds of threats? We will answer all of these questions and find out more in the next following segments. Let’s get started.

Fundamental Check: Explaining What Is Body Armor

Body armor is any form of protective clothing that will absorb or deflect any incoming physical attack. The first body armors were comprised of thick plant leaves and wooden frames.

But body armor has changed since its first usage thousands of years ago. In today’s modern world, there are technological advances that improve body armor design, function, and durability.

Body Armor

Body Armor Types

There is more than one kind of body armor that is readily available from most shops and outlets. Each variation boasts its set of features and properties.

Ballistic protection

Ballistic protection armor is the most common kind of body armor. It mostly comes in bulletproof vests. The armor’s primary objective is to withstand and absorb any incoming bullets. Some bulletproof vests can take shots from small arms and light machine guns.

However, they might not last long from rifle fire. Ballistic protection armor has a category system when it comes to the level of protection.

Edged blade

Edged blade armor, on the other hand, will safeguard you from sharp weapons and cutting equipment. Such weapons include scissors, knives, daggers, short swords, halberds, broken bottles, and so on. This type of armor does not do well with gunfire.

Spike protection

Spike protection armor is not at all similar to edged blade armor. There is a unique difference between the two. With spike protection, the armor will guard you against spiked threats. Such weapons and items under the spike consideration include nails, stilettos, screwdrivers, ice picks, pins, house augurs, and so much more.

Multi-threat armor

Possibly one of the best kinds of body armor, the multi-threat armor will make sure any type of danger does nothing to you. It can withstand and absorb damage from all sorts of sources – gunfire, spikes, bombs – you name it.

The only downside to this specialty is that the armor might cost you a lot of cash to have it.

Some Quick Body Armor Facts

Here is a quick list of the facts that surround body armor. Check them out.

Body Armor

  • Your body armor requires heavy plates if you want to go against rifle impact and damage.
  • Your ballistic armor must also protect you from the weapon you use. Some individuals might get a hold of it and use it against you.
  • It is paramount that you keep the armor or vest dry. Doing so will prevent abrupt wear and tear.
  • Some people say you can’t use your armor after taking a hit. We say otherwise. You can still fight even after your armor takes some hits and damage.
  • Once you notice a weight change, you have to switch to new body armor.
  • Your armor must not be skin-tight.

What To Find In Body Armor?

There might be an instance where a particular body armor gets your attention. But don’t rush in and go ahead with the purchase. You have to consider some factors when getting body armor. Read on to find out more.

  • The body armor you choose must be flexible. You can’t manage any adjustments during the actual battle.
  • The body armor should also be comfortable for your convenience. In addition, the more you spend on the product, the better it gets. Better armor comes at higher prices. But if you can shell out the cash, please go ahead.
  • It is also paramount that your body armor does not mess up your mobility. This reason is why most body armor types are flexible.

Can I Get My Body Armor Online?

Of course, you can. Numerous shops and sites cater to body armor and other protective gear as a part of their sales and wares. It is up to you to find one that has deals and perks. One of the best companies that deal in body armor is Safe Line Defense. They have quite an impressive catalog.

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And One More Thing

Remember that all guns and other items can kill. Your body armor will take care of the damage that you will otherwise get. But never leave it all to the protective clothing. You have to make sure you do your part in protecting yourself when danger is imminent.