Whether for new or returning players

WoW Classic may replicate the game as it was first released, but it’s not an exact copy. There are enough differences between the true ‘Vanilla’ WoW and WoW Classic. That warrants a review of these tips and tricks even for returning players. We’re going to list them here. Topics will range from managing your WoW Classic bags to some quality-of-life options. Without further ado, here they are.

Questing for Experience

First up, questing is always faster than grinding when racing for levels. The only problems are the lines for NPCs and mob spawns. Then again, it’s only a problem for those rushing toward the end game. A player going at their own pace will certainly manage to level up by questing. Depending on the server population, it could be faster or slower than grinding.

Plus, it has the benefits of more rewards than when grinding. That’s more gear and other features unavailable when leveling up by grinding. Some of those rewards are actually better than what you can get through the alternative method.


Inventory Management

Some guides will recommend that you loot everything. However, you’re going to run out of inventory space soon enough if you do that. That’s why you’ll need tips on inventory management. You need to get more WoW Classic bags from vendors or make your own. You’ll also need to buy more bag slots for your storage. That gives more space for items, so you can keep on looting more items. That’s more bags, more storage space, more items you can keep.

When you find that even that’s failing you, you can make use of the mailbox and an alternate character. Send the extra items to that character’s mailbox and have them claim the loot. Well, you can keep the items in the box, but it’ll only stay there for 30 days. After that, it’ll return to the sender, where it’ll stay for another 30 days. Though, after that second set of 30 days, the items will disappear forever.

If you’re going that route, make sure you don’t send over something you really want to keep. You don’t want your rare quest item to disappear into the void! Make sure to vendor junk items as well.

Make Some Friends

Games are best played with friends. If you didn’t bring friends over, you can always make more. That way, when you all have reached the end game, you have a group to raid with. You can clear some of the content easier with friends, too. If you have the same class as a friend, you can trade tips and information with each other.

People who play with each other pick up their friend’s habits and playstyle, which lets them adjust to each other. When the time comes to raid, a tightly-knit group of friends will be the most efficient and reliable team to raid with. That only comes with time spent playing together, and that means you can’t rush making friends.

Save Up for a Mount

Mounts speed up travel time across Azeroth. You’ll need gold to learn the skill, and then to get a mount. Of course, there are quest mounts, but even the starter mount can be quite useful. At any rate, you’ll either have to farm WoW Classic gold or buy some to master riding.

You’ll want to level up the skill so the mount gets a slight speed boost. Before moving on to Burning Crusade Classic, you need to be at the max level to unlock flying mounts. They’re the best mounts to have in the game, with good speed and the lack of need for roads. Still, it’s a good idea to invest in this skill.


These tips can bump up your enjoyment of the game. It’s not a race to max level, and you might as well enjoy the journey toward that. With friends, you can enjoy the raiding at max level as well. Pick-up groups are kind of hard to play with since players can have personalities as varied as flowers. Some might be good teammates, while others might not work well with each other.

That means a group of friends who know each other well is the most efficient team to raid with. Anyway, just follow these tips and have fun! Remember that you can go at your own pace and that you have the freedom to play the game how you want.

Enjoy your journey across Azeroth, adventurer!