Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords) is one of the most powerful digital marketing tools businesses can use.

Of course, if there’s a digital marketing agency managing your Google Ads account, you may think it’s okay not to fully understand what the platform does. After all, you’re busy growing your business. Why not let the agency handle all your online advertising when you’re paying them to do that anyway? You can checkout online agence Adwords in Montreal, they can provide you all digital marketing services.

Even if you’re not the one creating and managing ads, you still need to know how Google Adwords works. This way, you’ll know if your campaigns are working, and if it’s time to hire another agency.

That being said, here’s a quick look at what Google ad words management is and how they work.

What Are Google Ads?

When you search for let’s say “men’s grooming products” on Google, you’ll get several results including paid advertisements, a.k.a. Google search ads. These are easy to spot because they appear at the top of the page and have the word “Ad” in them. You see them before “natural” or organic links.

Now, display ads are another type of Google ads. Unlike search ads, these appear on websites, videos, and applications that are part of the Google Display Network (GDN).

For branding purposes, display ads give marketers more flexibility since these can be in the form of banners, videos, images, etc. With search ads, you’re limited to headlines and descriptions.

How Google Adwords Works: First, Search Ads

Think about how you search for products or services on Google. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer to type or use voice commands when searching. You still have to use certain keywords relating to those products or services.

When you’re advertising using Google Ads, you need a list of keywords relevant to your business offerings. You then have to bid on these keywords, considering how much you’re willing to spend every time a target customer clicks on your ad.

Now, each ad has a Quality Score assigned by Google. The goal is to have a high Quality Score so that when combined with your bid amount, your ads can enjoy better positioning in the search results. A High Quality Score also gives your ads higher exposure, plus lower CPC (cost per click) costs.

How Display Ads Work

For display ads, the same principle applies. You choose keywords and bid on them. Keep in mind that your bids are pitted against other advertisers.


Again, you’ll want to optimize your display ads so that Google gives them better placement. There are tons of tips online for creating effective display ads. You can also check out the answers to these questions to know more about display advertising and the GDN.

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