Have you ever wondered how you get those emails in your inbox from which you can find out about new products, discounts and, in general, information about any product on a web platform? It tends to be a recurring resource nowadays as many purchases are made online, and there are even brands and shops that only have web platforms where you can get your hands on their products.

Below we will present certain web platforms from which anyone who intends to start a business and/or include in their business tools the possibility for customers to subscribe, receive newsletters, discounts, news, catalogues and any type of news related to the brand/store in question.

Firstly, it is worth mentioning designmodo.com/postcards who offer the possibility to create an intuitive email structure for both large companies and individuals. The aim is to be able to use, as mentioned, the email tool to be able to carry out marketing ideas and the customer can receive any notifications in their email inbox.

In a simple and comfortable way, you can build a template in which you can edit the text and image you want including links and HTM codes to achieve the desired look. It offers a clear guide to customise your email marketing, achieving, from the original content, fantastic results both aesthetically and functionally.


Secondly, it is interesting to present the platform known as absurd.design which presents a novel project that can be very useful to all those who are looking for a very original and modern designs. It is a visual project from which any web design can be inspired by the designs and illustrations created here. Your digital project will add many points in terms of aesthetics if you choose to include illustrations of this type.

Thirdly, there are web platforms such as pulsetic that make your life easier whether you are starting a business project or just want to improve the one you already have. They offer very interesting tools and tips to be able to have total control of your project’s entire database. For example, it offers the possibility of monitoring all the notifications that your company sends to its customers, the notifications that they receive and thus be able to give a quick and better response.

You can achieve a communication and marketing campaign that is not heavy or invasive, but aesthetically pleasing and functional. For all the information you need, you can contact them, and they will be able to guide you through all the work tools they offer so that you have total control of your own website.

Don’t hesitate to discover more about these digital platforms which have great ideas and enthusiasm work teams who are all the time looking for newness and originality that could be, in part, the essence of your future own website with the best marketing and communication plan. Your customers will appreciate it and you are going to work more self-confident and happier than ever.