After years of being understaffed, suffering constant budget cuts, and experiencing increased crime rates, law enforcement agencies are now reaching out to technology companies for smart solutions to help make them more efficient. Across the United States, new technologies, such as facial recognition and other machine learning techniques, are helping law enforcement agencies keep up with best practices in the modern age. Keep reading as we explore the ways in which new technology is helping keep police stations and other law enforcement agencies safe.

Invest in law enforcement workforce management software solutions.

img A workforce management software solution is an important addition to human resource departments across law enforcement agencies for several reasons. To begin with, at the core of every law enforcement agency is its workforce. Unlike other industries, law enforcement includes a wide range of staff that ranges from volunteers, sworn personnel, full-time and part-time personnel, and civilian personnel.

Because of this, workstations are spread out across various locations and include field and patrol law enforcement departments, firefighting and EMS departments, and administrative departments. It is here that a workforce police software solution is the most useful, as it helps integrate these moving parts into one easy-to-manage system. They help process the staff payroll, manage attendance, book leave time, schedule patrols, and manage talent performance. In addition to this, a workforce software solution helps HR keep track of an employee’s employment history, and can also be useful in the hiring and on-boarding of new staff.

An effective workforce management software solution also helps assign police officers to police departments that best match their skillset. This ensures that individual police departments are productive and at their most efficient. Additionally, it helps law enforcement officers keep track of their trainings, assignments, and assigned devices. It helps create efficient systems by centralizing important information and making access to this information much faster for both employees and management.

Install wireless gate intercom systems.


ButterflyMX’s smart intercom solutions allow you to grant secure, contactless remote entry at barrier gates and other entry and exit points. Their wireless gate intercom system also makes it possible for property management to remotely control access to and from the building through smartphones and tablets. Compared to traditional wired intercom systems that require wiring and hardware installation, installing ButterflyMX’s smart video intercom and wireless gate intercom system is cheaper.

Their smart intercom system is also available as an app. Available for both Android and iOs users, this app comes equipped with features such as virtual keys, video calling, and elevator controls—to mention a few. All of these features are intended to make access simple. Furthermore, all entries are noted and time logged, and for added security, you can review these logs on the mobile app or the property management dashboard.

Prioritize enterprise security systems.


Another way to improve security in police stations is by using a digital security system. Verkada, for instance, has a host of enterprise security systems tailored to meet the specific corporate security needs of law enforcement institutions. An enterprise security system is essential in fighting corporate security risks as it helps track and pick up on vulnerabilities to a corporate network to enhance data security.

A reliable enterprise security system is an important addition to law enforcement and intelligence agencies because no enterprise is safe from data breaches and cyber threats (phishing attacks, malware attacks, hackers, Denial-of-Service DoS, ransomware), which all pose a significant risk. The security professionals at Verkada are aware of this and can recommend the best enterprise security system backed with secure data encryption and foolproof access control systems specific to your law enforcement agency.

Besides offering cybersecurity solutions, a reliable enterprise security system should be able to offer physical security as well. A Verkada security system also ensures that your physical location is also secured against potential security threats, wherever it is in the U.S.