Having the feature available to schedule messages for a later time can be extremely helpful. Say you want to wish someone for their birthday or send a timely blessing; just having the option available to you makes life much more convenient.

If you have to remind someone of a time-sensitive task, then the option to a schedule allows you to conveniently pre-write messages. You don’t have to worry about remembering to send the message later, and you don’t have to worry about forgetting to send the message. It can also serve as an alert in that way.

Scheduling a Telegram message is an easy task, and it’s a welcome feature to have in an app such as Telegram.

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How to schedule messages to send later with Telegram

Open the App to the group chat or basic chat, whichever one you want to schedule the message for. First, type the desired message instead of pressing on send and holding the send button for a few seconds. You will see a new window appear in front of you. It will have two options; the first option is “schedule message,” and the second one is “send message without sound.”

To schedule the message, you need to press the first option, and you will be able to schedule the time and date for the message. Some frequent mistakes are made; the time and date you choose will appear in the blue send button below, and when you are at that screen, if you require to send a message without sound, you can do that from that same screen.

It can be helpful when you are sending messages late at night. Muting the sound ensures that you are not waking anyone up from their slumber. Prior to scheduling your message, you will see a page that will show you all the scheduled messages you have for later delivery. If you have a change of mind you and require posting the message now, or if you want to copy the message, edit it, reschedule or even delete all your messages, you will find all the options when you tap on the scheduled messages.


The schedule option available for Telegram is not well-known amongst Telegram users. Telegram has a very specific user-base, and when you learn about these features, it can help you do things much more quickly. The number of Telegram users is increasing rapidly. As they can schedule the task in telegram, users are getting a lot of conformity using it. Another fact is that you can buy members for Telegram too.