Kodi has now been used for a longer period and is considered one of the best media center apps to download. In other words, Kodi is full of entertainment.

Here’s this simple guide at FireStick Tricks that will help you to know about it more.

How can Kodi be defined?

It is a free, open-source software media center that runs on any platform or device that includes Windows, Android, macOS, Linux, and iOS. It can even be installed on all streaming devices. Now, access all your media content easily on all devices by using Kodi on a firestick. It is compatible with different music and video formats and is also handy as a picture gallery.

Some of its best features include – you can use metadata to organize your videos and music, the fan art, posters, trailers, and videos can be imported to supplement your collection of movies. Everything about the menu system and display can be customized highly.

Though, the thing that you don’t get is any actual content media. You might end up using Kodi only as a file browser on your device at the basic level, but it can do a lot more.

What does the app offer that others can’t?

The media libraries can be synced across different devices. You can make it possible over the local – if there are no supporting add-ons. As long as your content is saved on a specific location, Kodi can access it from anywhere on the device.

With the help of Kodi, you also get the benefit to watch and record live television. It might be a long or complicated process to do so, but it entirely depends upon what you want to access. Different PVR add-ons are available to record and watch TV shows.

This app has a growing number of add-on for online content, including Hulu, YouTube, Pandora Radio, and Grooveshark. You’ll get the one for everything such as music, video, television, and radio.

Is it easy to use?

The platform’s menu system and interface are very simple, and every person should find it easy while using it. So many supported file formats are available that you’ll not have to worry about compatibility. It can be used on almost any device.


However, the developers who have made Kodi say that it has been developed keeping home theatres in mind, which means one can control it by touchscreen, mouse, or Kodi 18 voice.

Are there any risks associated with it?

Either you accept it or not, if you are going to stream something illegal, your ISP will notice it. It might decide to disconnect your speed, or even cancel your contract. Knowing about Kodi is not enough to protect you. If you are worried about who is watching you, mask up to your activity with a VPN.

Bottom Line

Kodi is the best platform to watch almost anything, regardless of the language. With Kodi, streaming movies and shows have been made easier. Now that you know about it, binge on your favorite shows now!