Using a private cloud is an effective way to keep all your online resources and data secure and accessible. But for most of our online needs, we don’t typically need this level of resources like with private cloud hosting. But if you still want more control and security for your time spent online (for you and your family), then you may want to look into the possibilities offered by a dedicated server.

By hosting your online activities on a dedicated server, you’ll have more resources, security, and customization. This is especially important if you have a young child spending time online. With a variety of threats growing online these days, you can never be too safe with how your child interacts online.

Whether on social media, online gaming, or simply browsing the web, it’s important to know your child is safe online.

Here, we’re taking a closer look at dedicated servers and how they can be an effective way to help keep your child (and their information) safe when they’re online.

What is a Dedicated Server?


A dedicated server enables web users to have full control and access over their hosting needs. Essentially, this means you’ll have private access to your very own server. This is compared to simply using a public server, like at a coffee shop or your local library, where practically anyone can log on.

A dedicated server is a computer used to host a website, app, or online game from a single tenant. For those with high-end hosting needs, this can be very beneficial as you have exclusive access to resources like more RAM and bandwidth. While sharing certainly is caring, this doesn’t always hold up as true in the world of online hosting.

For better security and more resources, a dedicated server is definitely the way to go. When using a dedicated server for hosting a website or playing an online game, you’ll have exclusive access to all the CPU, RAM, storage capacity, and internet networks on that server. This means you’ll have optimal performance, enhanced security, and more control over configurations on the server.

Can a Dedicated Server Keep My Child Safer Online?

As previously noted, enhanced security is one of the main benefits of using a dedicated server. And when it comes to children online, security is always the top concern. But when you have access to these dedicated resources and the privacy of your own server, it’s never been easier to keep your kids (and their information) safe and secure.

A dedicated server can keep your child safer online in two important ways: more control and enhanced security. When you have full control over who can access your server, you don’t need to worry as much about potential hacking or spam threats.

This will make it easier to also monitor online activity so that you can feel more informed about how your family is using your online resources. And if your child likes online gaming as most do, a dedicated server can help you control who they play and interact with while gaming online.

4 Benefits of a Dedicated Server

Interested in some reasons why you may want to invest in a dedicated server for you and your family? Take a look at some of the top benefits:

  1. Exclusive access to resources: one of the top benefits of a dedicated server is right there in the name: you’ll get an entire server dedicated to your online hosting needs. With a dedicated server, all the access to disk space, RAM, CPU, and bandwidth will be all yours. Additionally, you also have root access to the server. This means that you can add or remove software and applications as needed and even configure exclusive settings. If you want complete control over your web hosting, a dedicated server, without a doubt, is the choice for you.
  2. Better performance online: when it comes to web hosting and online gaming, performance is the name of the game. No one wants to be slowed down by poor loading times and constant lag—especially when gaming with your friends. But with your own dedicated server, you won’t have to worry about sharing key resources, which means you’ll have a faster and smoother online performance.
  3. Reliability: with a dedicated server, reliability is another big benefit. When hosting a website or playing your favorite online game, there’s nothing worse than a sudden server crash that leaves you high and dry. These problems become far less likely when you have a dedicated server for your hosting. With additional resources available, a dedicated server has you covered during times of high traffic.
  4. Enhanced security measures: security is vital for the safety of your users and the safekeeping of all your personal information. With more hackers out there than ever before, the security of your web hosting should be a key priority. This is especially important for children who may not be aware of more sophisticated hacking measures. The server infrastructure of a dedicated server includes firewalls and around-the-clock security monitoring, which means you can rest easy knowing your data is secure.

Conclusion – Can a Dedicated Server Keep My Child Safer Online?

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While some may think that the commitment to your own dedicated server is only needed for those running an online business or who are seriously hooked on online gaming, anyone can experience the benefits of your own server.

A dedicated server enables you to have full access to all the resources on your security. With more RAM, CPU, and storage space, you can truly transform your online experience.

Enhanced security measures and more control over who can access your server, also makes dedicated servers ideal for those with children going online. When your children spend time online, whether that’s online gaming or simply surfing the web, security is everything.

With a dedicated server for your hosting needs, you’ll feel secure knowing that you have more control over who can access your server, and as a result, interact with your children online.