Tik Tok is a popular video community where each user can watch short videos and shoot their own. This is where trends are born. But how does this social network work?

It is worth mentioning that no one will ever tell you all the secrets of the algorithms, this information belongs to the developers. But let’s see what we know.

No living person will be able to regularly check a huge number of lipsticks, dances and other videos. This is what artificial intelligence is doing.

New account

On newly registered accounts, the following are especially closely monitored:

Copyright. Does the user violate it.
Content. Repetition of part of the video, objects in the frame.
Music. Own or from the Tik Tok media library.
Description for the video.
Camera. What the video was shot on, on the camera of the phone, computer, screen recording, animation.
Editor. Using filters, masks, edited video in another application or TikTok editor.

Any mistake can put an end to the further promotion of your account.

In order to avoid common mistakes, you should carefully study the TikTok rules. But, like other social networks, “unspoken rules” have not been canceled.

Borrowed content. It should not be more than 30%. Installation. More chances for TikTok approval when using the built-in editor. Tik Tok is not YouTube, you shouldn’t make a call to subscribe and like at the end of the video, the algorithm will take this for repeating fragments.

If the first videos are successful, you can relax a little. At this stage, the most important thing is how the videos will go.



Recently, TikTok began to give initial views to all users. The first two videos can get up to 500-600 views, then up to 100. If you interacted a lot with the video on the first 100 views, then they give another 100-200 and so on until it reaches the first thousand.

Exit to recommendation

What to do to make the video appear in the recommendation:

Capture trends. Try to shoot in your own style, if everyone does the same movements, come up with your own.

Zest. Come up with unique features that will make you easily recognizable. Regular release of new videos. Using the TikTok editor.

Plot. Even in short videos, it is essential to attract subscribers.

Hashtags. You’ve probably seen the tags #recommendation #wantrecommendations #wishrecommendations. They really help with promotion. The main thing is not to put tags that do not correspond to the topic, otherwise you risk getting a shadow ban.

Signature. Brevity is the soul of wit. This is definitely about TikTok, and to raise activity in the comments, you can ask a question.

Time. Determine when your Tiktok followers are most active and post videos during this period. Duet. By filming joint videos, you diversify your feed and attract the audience of the co-author.

When you switch to a Pro account, you will see the “statistics” section, where you can view information about your audience. Gender, Popular Places, Videos, and Music Your Followers Listen to.

Your recommendations

How does TikTok select videos for the “recommendations” section:

Your interactions. Videos previously viewed, comments left, videos you’ve shared, subscriptions.Registration. Hashtags, video description and hashtags. Your account. Location, language, and so on. During registration, you have the opportunity to specify interesting categories of videos. Additionally. Also, other videos are added to the recommendations, you get the opportunity to get acquainted with other authors.

So we have analyzed the basic algorithms of the TikTok service. The data is also relevant for 2022, if something changes in their work, we will add it.