If you’ve recently started a business and are off to a slow start, it may very well be because the website you’ve created for your business may be lacking. In general, a good business website will have a few factors that will help elevate them from the competition – good websites are typically quick to load, are well-designed, look polished, are consistently easy to navigate and contain a good amount of well-written and relevant information. Simply stating these things is easier said than done, however, so in this article we take a look at how exactly you can improve your small business’s website. We also talk about what to look when looking for a Tampa web design professional.

Getting started with a small business site revamp

It’s not always necessary to look to successful advertising companies in Sydney for help reviving a website that is having a tough time online – sometimes it’s just about giving a applying a little bit of tender love and care. After doing basic domain registration, it’s time to consider what kinds of things your business site really needs. A few things to consider include deciding in detail what your customers need help with, the kinds of information you can provide to assist with their problem and the means by which you can directly resolve any issues. With all this appropriately thought out, you’ll have the beginnings of a user-oriented web design, which is one of the keys to a successful site. The next step in a user-centric website design is to apply attractive, yet functional, website design. For the most part this involves eliminating visual clutter to ensure sections of information don’t compete for the attention of the user. During this step you should be considering how your company’s brandis represented to better ensure positive customer interaction. Finally, it’s importance to optimise your website for mobile users, as at least 50% of all users will come from a mobile device, and if your website is a pain to read they won’t be staying long.


Utilising effective writing

Much of your website’s message will be demonstrated through the content you decide to use, so it’s important that this content is appropriately punchy. First, consider the delivery of content on your homepage – does it quickly demonstrate to visitors that your business is reliable, knowledgeable and trustworthy? If not, you may very well find potential customers fleeing your site in droves. Hiring a copywriter is often a good idea for site content overhauls, as a copywriter can confidently organise your website, write content with simple, targeted and relevant language, ensure customers won’t have to fruitlessly dig around your site information for hidden information and also often incorporate search engine optimisation best practice in their writing to help you rank better in search engines. This will involve the copywriter incorporating keywords or keyphrases into the content to help make our website more relevant to potential customers. In these cases, everybody wins!

Be practical with your website

If you’re struggling at any point to understand what customers want or need in a business website, it’s a good idea to do some research and find what works for other websites around the internet. With best writing and design practice implemented, you’ll be much likelier to not only entice first-time customers, but retain the for the long haul.