A 2019 statistics published by Pew Research Center indicates that 63% of Instagram subscribers log onto the platform at least once per day. Furthermore, the statistics report that one-third of the most-viewed stories on the platform are from businesses. In January 2019, Instagram reported that it experiences 500 million daily active stories.

Additionally, according to Statista, the platform had hit a threshold of 1 billion monthly active users by June 2018.

The above statistics are enough indication of how Instagram is a strongly engaging social media platform. At a personal level, one can leverage Instagram for staying in touch with loved ones that include family members and friends.

At a professional level, the social media platform is a powerful marketing implement. Thus, having a massive Instagram following expands one’s sphere of influence that can be utilized to enhance one’s personal or professional collaborations.

Why are Instagram followers important?

A big following means more followers

Instagram Marketing and How It Is Advantageous for Small Businesses

Having a big Instagram following makes an individual or business appear more authentic. Notably, if you share engaging content on your Insta stories or posts, your followers are likely to share some or all of the stories they encounter on your portfolio. Thus enticing their small circles of followers to share the same stories and attract more followers to your Instagram page.

The best way to grow your Instagram audience is by learning from your followers through tools such a follower tracker. Despite Instagram offering analytical tools delineating how your audience interacts with your posts, you have to subscribe to a business account to access the tools.

Nevertheless, there are several third-party tools like Instagram viewer that you can always leverage to track your audience’s Instagram activities.

A wide business network that can earn money

Instagram Promo

A big Instagram following comes with more authenticity and fame, which can earn you significant amounts of cash. As an Instagram influencer with a wide Instagram audience, you can engage in affiliate marketing. Whereby different companies ask you to sell their products and services on your Insta stories and posts.

On a different note, you can also market a company’s product or your own products since Instagram is a perfect platform for reaching out to new customers.

How to keep track of your Instagram followers


Despite the high possibility that your Instagram following may not grow overnight, having proper data and analytics provide you with the necessary information as SocialFox. Critical to comprehending how your followers operate and how to alleviate your engagements with them.

As aforementioned, keeping track of your audience will require that you either subscribe to a business Instagram account or invest in third-party Instagram analytical tools. Some of the information that you can garner from Instagram analytics tools include:

  • The number of new followers gained after publishing a specific post.
  • Mutual followers. That is, users that follow who equally follow you.
  • Users who have unfollowed you.
  • Ghost followers. That is, those that follow you while interacting with your content.
  • Profile visits and the number of users who interacted with your posts.
  • Demographics, including location, age, and gender.