Way back, in April of 2017, Magento announced that they were planning on no longer supporting Magento 1 software. With an end date of June 2020, most didn’t think twice and believed they had time to figure it out – that time is now, aka Magento End of Life (EOL).

Not to worry, there is still a little room to decide on your next steps, and we have all the information you need to do so and the answer is BigCommerce.

Key Things to Know

  • Whether you decide to move to Magento 2 or switch to a new ecommerce platform provider, you will be undergoing a full replatform. See what replatforming looks like with this step-by-step guide.
  • If you don’t switch, your site will no longer be supported by security updates after June 2020. This leaves you, your site, and your customer’s data at risk.
  • Your site will no longer be PCI DSS compliant after the EOL date causing concern with your payment provider. This could lead them to drop you. Read more about that here.


You might think an easy option would be to upgrade to Magento 2; however, that might not be the case. As stated above, it is still a complete replatform which means your themes won’t transfer, your M1 extensions won’t work, and some of your data will have to be migrated manually. M1 and M2 have a different architecture which is why this isn’t a simple upgrade.

BigCommerceAnother option is to switch platforms altogether and BigCommerce might be the answer. I know you’re probably thinking you might as well stay with the platform you’re used to, but before you decide, here are some key comparisons to review.

  • Easy Set-Up: BigCommerce works seamlessly with a wide assortment of enterprise-grade apps that can be installed with one click. 96% of merchants migrate from their existing platform in 2-4 months.
  • Spend Less: At 1/4 the cost of Magento, BigCommerce has no hosting or maintenance costs; while Magento hosting typically costs four figures per month and can surge during the holiday season. BigCommerce offers a lower cost of ownership while providing better security, speed, and fraud protection.
  • BigCommerce offers 99.98% server uptime and keeps your business running and orders processed even during peak seasons.

To learn more about Magento 1’s EOL and get complete details of what it means for you, click here. Or, check out BigCommerce and request a demo today. Clock’s ticking so open your own Online Store and Grow Your Sales! Try it Free Now with BigCommerce!