If you ask any search resource to explain the meaning of the term “web 3”, then as a result you can see a large number of opinions of a wide variety of experts and IT specialists. But if we compress these numerous expert judgments into one understandable phrase, we can state that web 3 is nothing more, nothing less than a new level in the development of the Internet.

And the essence of this new level can also be formulated in a few words, namely: in web 3, the main actors are the users themselves, as opposed to today’s Internet platforms with their monopoly and diktat. In other words, the centralization of the network is gradually being replaced by decentralization.

Since it is the blockchain technology that makes such decentralization possible, it can be argued with sufficient confidence that web 3 is, in fact, everything that is based on the blockchain.

Today, a large number of companies are engaged in their web 3 projects. NFT marketplaces, crypto currency exchanges, various analytical platforms, decentralized games have their own IT infrastructure on which all functionality is built.

The infrastructure must be fast, secure, i.e. such that the end user is satisfied with it. It is for this purpose that Dysnix offers various solutions, providing a fast and secure blockchain infrastructure.

Blockchain technology is now only at the beginning of its development and, figuratively speaking, it can only be perceived as a “niche technology” so far. To date, there is no single platform that would be popular among blockchain users. However, it is possible that such a unified platform may appear in the near future.

The basis for the success of an outsourcing company


If we talk about what makes up the success of any IT company, we can conclude that it consists of two components. The first component is the visual appeal of the company. That is, its own website, logo, certification documents, etc.

All this, of course, is important and necessary, but it is only the starting position of the company.

Much more important and, at the same time, more complex is the second component of success – the image of the company. And the image is made up of many factors. These are, at a minimum, the values offered by the company, the style of its work, the level of competence of specialists, the availability of the necessary tools and technologies, the quality of services, user satisfaction and continuous improvement.

After analyzing the numerous reviews of users who used the support of various IT companies in developing all kinds of solutions related to blockchain projects, we can identify the main values that enhance the image of any IT company. First of all, this is the level of reliability, security, availability and scalability of the infrastructure that is associated with web 3 projects.

Equally important is the ability of the company not only to manage projects, but also to apply a certain philosophy and a set of appropriate tools, for example, using the Agile and SCRUM approach. The ability of consultants to integrate into the internal environment of their users, that is, to work as part of a single team, is also highly valued.

At the same time, providing both themselves and the user with an additional bonus in the form of both theoretical training and the acquisition of practical skills.

The example from practice

All of the above can be illustrated by the following example. A certain HUS company develops IT products that are aimed at solving problems related to digital certificates, namely, with their authentication and security. The company understood that it needed an outsourcer for support and advice related to the creation and further maintenance of the necessary infrastructure.

When choosing an outsourcer, HUS took into account the values mentioned above. In addition, the company has set strict deadlines for the implementation of the project – no more than 30 working days.

Such an approach to choosing an outsourcer turned out to be not only correct, but also the most optimal and economically justified.

As a result, the HUS company received the necessary infrastructure with all the implemented requirements for reliability, security and scalability. But these were not the only advantages of the outsourcer’s work. Internal training, consulting, support, quick feedback in case of problems – these are the additional bonuses that the company received thanks to the effective collaboration with an outsourced consultant.

Obviously, such a result was ensured by the style of work of the outsourcer company’s specialists, their level of competence, and the tools and technologies that they used. It was also pleasant that the HUS company incurred minimal costs in this case.

There was no need to create, train and maintain its own subdivision of such specialists, which was much more expensive than working with an outsourcer. Of course, having received a high degree of customer satisfaction after the service provided, the outsourcing company not only confirmed its image in the market for such services, but also raised it to a higher level, which means increased its competitiveness.