These Myths About Playable Ads can drift you from Interactive Ads !

These Myths About Playable Ads can drift you from interactive ads !

At times when the global ad blocking trend pushed the ad industry to reconsider their strategies, there comes the new platform of creative ads which created the value of exchange between the user and the advertiser. In fact, half of the mobile marketers think of playable ads as the most exciting, interactive and engaging ones. Today, over 69% of the world’s top new app installers use playable ads to showcase their apps.

Yet, many marketers are in verticles of relying on playable ads and are reluctant to dive into it. However, playable ads are beyond everything. They are the snippet of games; they give users the interactive experience of what’s new coming to the games. You can also call them micro-games of one minute.

If playable ads are so popular, why users hesitate to experiment with this interactive snippet? Here are some excuses that hinder their thoughts:

Playable Ads Hinder The Gameplay:

Game developers think that offering ads within the apps will distract users and will also hinder their experience. However, the truth is that the intuitive nature of playable ads gives an enjoyable experience to the users and also enhance the user experience.

Furthermore, playable ads are designed with countdown timers so that users enjoy when they offered in the particular timing. With the highly entertaining playable ads, developers will be able to increase the game loyalty and enhance game loyalty.

I Am Not A Mobile Gaming Company:

Of course, you might not be a game company, and your KPIs are not as straightforward as the other branded games. But, think this way: playable ads let you track, optimize and maximize the spend on how the brand advertising.

In fact, the brand marketers are using the same platform to increase conversions of high-value ads and to drive their own downstream actions. So, whether you are a gaming company or the non-gaming one, adopt the playable ad format, customize it accordingly and stand at the competition.

These Myths About Playable Ads can drift you from interactive ads !Playable Ads Take Time To Load And Build:

Of course, playable ads are not the easiest and fastest ad format, depending upon the level of sophistication; they can become complicated and time-consuming. Consider an interactive and compelling ad format; neither of them is simple to create.

Also, mobile ad companies become more experienced with the format, and the production process will improve. However, like other interactive ad formats, playable ads can also be pre-loaded to avoid buffering.

Playable Ads Can Crash Other Apps!

You might think of playable ads like the one that crashes or hinder the mobile gaming experience, they are not! Since playable ads run in the sandbox, they cannot affect anything outside. Therefore slowing down or app crash is not possible.

Besides, the playable ads are much lighter than other mobile apps and videos. And if not, you can optimize them to the file size without disturbing user experience.

These Myths About Playable Ads interactive adsMy Playable Ad Will Not Work On Old Smartphones:

If you think that your playable ad will work on your old mobile phone, you are wrong! The accessibility of playable ads is for all platforms; including smartphones with lower CPUs.

They are designed to support various smartphones and also offer support to different devices.

The One-Minute Ad Will Not Be Able To Convey My Message:

Playable ads are simple, quick, short, and last not more than 30 seconds; they have the power to engage the users’ interest to make them enjoy the characteristics and features of the game. Besides, the playable ad will focus on the game’s theme and will be able to convey your easily what you want to say.

Playable ads, if used effectively, can be the game changer. They are one of those ads that will not only let advertisers show their company, but will also offer high-end user experience.