Crypto launchpads are platforms that allow blockchain-based projects to safely raise capital while giving access to early-stage token sales for their community members. Since there are few to no regulations in the decentralized crypto space, scams are happening daily. By providing a safe and solid start for new projects, crypto launchpads became an essential service in the crypto space. These incubators offer a protective layer for potential investors by carefully reviewing every key aspect of a project. When it comes to project owners, a launchpad will help drive the success of a project by exposing it to quality investors and engaged community members.

There are different kinds of launchpads currently operating in the crypto space, but they all have one thing in common. They all rely on a human-only approach when analyzing upcoming projects, and human error in crypto can cost investors way too much.

What is LunarPad’s Innovation?

LunarPad aims to revolutionize launchpads by adding a powerful technology tool, a proprietary AI deep learning algorithm, which will provide an added security layer for potential investors. The key is proper balance. The AI deep learning algorithm offers a data-driven analysis and provides predictions about a project’s growth rate potential or warns about a possibility of a scam or rug pull. The human-made piece of the review will detect nuances of a project when it comes to the team behind it, the information made available to investors (website and social media), and the properties of the smart contract.


The LunarPad Ecosystem

A well-planned product ecosystem is key to the success of a project. LunarPad’s product ecosystem secures long-term viability for the project by creating multiple revenue streams for both its investors and for the team behind it.

The LunarPad Launchpad – is a data-driven incubator for quality crypto projects based on a proprietary AI deep learning algorithm as uipath vs microsoft power automate algorithms.

The LunarPromo Platform – will be a promotional space where project owners can advertise their tokens for a fee.

The LunarTracker Platform – will be a bounty platform where community members can flag projects as scams or rug pulls by providing evidence for a reward. This platform will also help train the deep learning algorithm to increase prediction accuracy.

The Lunarverse – The Lunarverse is LunarPad’s very own metaverse where players can play, own, and monetize their virtual assets. It consists of play-to-earn games (Phase 1 and Phase 2) and the Lunarverse MoonLands. These are digital pieces of real estate on the Meta Moon and can be purchased, rented, or earned.

The Innovation of the Metaverse

LunarPad aims to be a pioneer in bringing freshness to the metaverse as well. Lunarverse is a multi-dimensional metaverse that will allow participants to play games and earn massive rewards in BUSD, interest rates on holdings, or exclusive NFTs. Besides exciting play-to-earn games, the Lunarverse also includes the MoonLands, which are digital pieces of real estate on the Meta Moon. Participants of the Lunarverse will be able to earn or purchase Moon Lands. The inventive part of the MoonLands are the meta-boards, which will serve as digital billboards in the Lunarverse, and can be rented for promoting a brand, a project, or even an NFT. The Lunarverse provides participants with the means to unleash and monetize their full potential and creativity.

The utility token: $METABOT

LunarPad’s utility token, the $METABOT, will have significance for both community members and project owners. Holding a certain amount of $METABOT will guarantee exclusive privileges to its holders, such as: participating in the whitelist of upcoming AI-vetted projects, playing and earning with the Lunarverse games, and collecting, purchasing, or renting MoonLand. Holders will also receive an 8% auto-reward in BUSD.

With its ambitious roadmap, innovative products, and utility function LunarPad will revolutionize the crypto world!